Cop Shoots 70-yr-old Vietnam Veteran in the Stomach for Reaching for Cane

 SOUTH CAROLINA — A disturbing dashcam video has surfaced showing a cop open fire on a disabled veteran at a traffic stop.

Bobby Canipe, 70, was pulled over because his registration tags were expired.

He peacefully began an attempt to greet the officer.

Because he cannot walk without assistance, he reached for his cane as he always does.

The officer saw him reaching for the cane and immediately began yelling at Bobby.

In just seconds, the officer opened fire on Bobby with a hail of bullets.

The officer claims he thought Bobby “had a gun.”

bobby-canipe-cane_small Cop Shoots 70-yr-old Vietnam Veteran in the Stomach for Reaching for Cane

Even if he did have a gun, do officers have the right to gun down Americans for exercising their 2nd amendment rights?

Clearly Bobby was not pointing his cane at the officer as if to threaten him. In fact it appears in the video that he was pressing it to the ground in order to walk.

If it were a rifle, pointing a rifle down at the ground is not a “threat” that requires being blasted with gunfire.

He was simply using his cane to walk.

After shooting Bobby in the stomach, the officer realized that it was a cane, not a gun.

He then ran over to Bobby’s collapsed body and radioed for medical assistance.

All of this could have been prevented if cops would stop being trained to be fearful and trigger happy.

Again, even if Bobby did have a rifle, it would be his right to have it, and the officer would be unjustified in gunning him down.

According to reports, this is the ninth officer-involved shooting so far in South Carolina, in just three months.

Officer Knox has been placed on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.