CORRUPTION: FBI Covers for Obama, Says IRS Attack Wasn’t “Illegal

 The corruption never ends. The FBI is now openly lying to protect Obama from any more political (or legal) damage that would stem from his pointed targeting attacks on the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

The FBI’s “investigation” of the attacks was headed by someone who has donated over $6,000 to Obama’s presidential campaigns and the Democratic National Committee. Fewer than two weeks ago, Rep. Darrell Issa sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking that Bosserman, the Obama supporter leading the IRS probe,  be removed from the investigation as it is a clear conflict of interests.

FBI_small CORRUPTION: FBI Covers for Obama, Says IRS Attack Wasn’t “Illegal

Holder kept Bosserman on the case and the FBI subsequently “failed” to find any evidence that  neither the IRS or the Obama Administration were involved in targeting their political opponents. How convenient. The Obama Administration is not even trying to disguise their blatant corruption.

As we reported early last year, anyone who has spent a modicum of time researching the IRS scandal can clearly see that “all evidence points to the fact that Obama knew of and likely ordered the IRS attack on the Tea Party”:

  • We know that the “order came from the top” and that he met with the woman who began the attack the day before it started.
  • Obama even joked about using the IRS as a weapon fourteen years ago.
  • When the targeting began, Obama personally met with the IRS chief over a hundred times.
  • It was also revealed that the executive branch knew at least five months before the election that their conservative opponents were being unfairly (and illegally) singled out for political gain.
  • The leader of the “Tea Party Division” of the IRS now heads their Obamacare office.

And now we have a big-time Obama supporter in charge of, essentially, the administration’s investigation of itself. Did anyone really expect this to be objective and unbiased? If one cannot see how obviously corrupt this is, they must be in a serious stage of denial no one has ever even heard of.

From Investors:

Obama prefers these kinds of internal investigations because they are so controllable. They never find anything seriously wrong. And, anyway, by the time they’re completed, hardly anyone remembers them. […]

“Here’s what the FBI investigation will find to prosecute in the flagrant IRS abuse of power: Nothing.

“Likely by mid-January an unidentified Holder aide will select a D.C. reporter to leak word that, by golly, after all this time and diligent detective work, they really didn’t find anyone or anything to prosecute. Probably just unclear instructions or misunderstandings. Tweak some regs. Move forward.

“So, scores of fringe groups could not raise money in time to exercise their free speech against the president in 2011-12? He’s reelected anyway. Yes, one of the top Justice prosecutors is an Obama campaign donor? What’s that prove? No harm. No foul. Old news. Nothing to see here.

“That reporter will check with some of the affected. They’ll claim, gee, no FBI agent talked to us. But the harried, inbred D.C. media will likely have another administration story to cover like, say, more faux reforms announced in another Obama speech.”

Oh, look! That’s exactly what just happened right here last night.

The Obama Administration is not fooling anyone but themselves regarding this investigation. Our friends at the New American write:

The FBI investigators have spent more than half a year investigating the scandal without contacting any of the 41 conservative groups that were victimized by the IRS actions.

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel with the American Center for Law and Justice — which is representing the Tea Party groups — has called the investigation a “sham.”

“To reach a conclusion that no criminal charges will be filed against those responsible for this illegal targeting scheme without interviewing any of our clients — the real victims in this ordeal — is absolutely absurd,” Sekulow said in a statement.

As a result of the FBI investigation turning up no evidence that the IRS has targeted Tea Party and other conservative groups, officials are indicating that there are no criminal charges expected.

The targeted conservative groups are angry at what they feel is a lack of justice.

Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, asserts that it is “absolutely outrageous.”

“It only leads us to the point where we can make guesses about their motives,” she said. “Why are they protecting the IRS? Why aren’t they getting to the bottom of it? If they don’t truly do a real investigation of this there are always going to be doubts and it is not good for the trust between the governors and the governed.”

She added, “They wanted to silence us and they have done what they can to silence us … they’ve done everything they can to make it difficult for us if not impossible at times to exercise our First Amendment rights.”

Keep in mind this is the same IRS that is in charge of enforcing Obamacare. After you let that sink in for a moment, help us spread the word about Obama’s flagrant corruption and law-breaking by sharing this article.