Could the Mystery of Ted Cruz’s Father’s Past Now be Solved?

Lori Stacey,

Who is Rafael B. Cruz and what is his real life story? Many people know what it is not. Although not widely known among the masses, many researchers had discovered that Rafael B. Cruz’s “Coming to America” story is full of holes and outright lies. Author Paul W. LeBon in his book, “Liar Liar Cruz on Fire: Exposing the Biggest Fraud in US Political History” lays out the case of 76 substantial lies that have been told for years by Rafael Cruz to audiences across America regarding his heroic tale of life in Cuba followed by his struggles in America.

  • There was no such thing as a “four-year student visa” so he could not have received one.
  • To be accepted as a foreign student, one must have clearly demonstrated the financial ability to support the student while in our country and have the funds to pay for tuition. The famous, “With only a $100 bill sewn in my underwear” has played very well politically for both him and his son Ted but it simply could not be true if he really was accepted as a foreign student on a visa.
  • The infamous claim that he did not know a word of English would also have immediately disqualified him for obvious reasons. How could a foreign student be successful at a university in the US back in the late 1950’s if he really knew no English? He would have been immediately rejected instead of accepted.
  • Rafael supposedly worked full-time, “Washing dishes 7-days a week for 50 cents an hour.” Makes a great-sounding story if only the facts would stop getting in the way. The minimum wage was over 50 cents an hour at the time and he would not have been allowed under conditions of his student visa to be working full-time anyway. He was supposed to be a full-time student, not foreign worker.
    1. It is all quite an amazing tale but would be more accurate in the “fiction” section of your local library, not as a stump speech used as a political stunt to help boost his son “Ted” to national notoriety.

      rcruzleeharveyoswald_small Could the Mystery of Ted Cruz's Father's Past Now be Solved?

      Since his “Coming to America” tale does appear to be a huge fabrication, many have been left to wonder what his real life story actually is. Is he hiding something? Maybe we finally have an idea. National Enquirer broke a story that Cruz’s Father appears in a photo with Lee Harvey Oswald distributing pro-Castro literature. In reference to that photo, the Warren Commission never publicly identified the man now claimed to be Rafael B. Cruz. That is strange in itself. Why was that man never publicly identified?

      Recently, Donald Trump has commented on the situation in a story published in the Miami Herald, “Trump links Cruz’s father to JFK assassin, channeling National Enquirer“. Trump, in essence, finds it hard to believe that nobody is talking about such a huge possible historical revelation. National Enquirer asserts that Ted Cruz had largely tried to ignore the initial story of the photo scandal involving his father. Senator Cruz now repeats the same mantra as the last scandal published by the National Enquirer claiming it is “garbage”. The fact is that a lawyer like Ted Cruz would have sued them if the story of having at least 5 mistresses was really not true and he could now add this latest story

      Considering millions of people around the world believe that the assassination of JFK was most likely actually a professional hit by the CIA or some other agency of the US government, could Rafael Cruz’s identity have been protected all these years because he was connected to a federal agency involved in the assassination? Obviously, someone working in a secretive covert capacity would have to make-up a completely fabricated story of their life during the years involved.

      Even without this most recent story, many have wondered what the true story of the Rafael Cruz family really is. Who is he? How did his son Ted and wife Heidi manage to be so connected to the Bush Administration? Did his father work for H.W. Bush, former Director of the CIA? Is that the connection that led to Ted’s rapid rise to national prominence? One thing is for sure, Ted Cruz’s own work history proves that his own narrative of supposedly being an “outsider” is insanely laughable to say the least. It is unfortunate that too many voters have not done their homework before supporting a candidate for President with such ease for telling a lie at the slightest blink of an eye.

      The last thing we need is another man with too many family mysteries and a complete lack of transparency moving into our White House. And we don’t need to keep yet another compulsive liar in the US Senate either. How has all that been working out for us so far?