Court witnesses to child murders, kidnappings mysteriously died or in hiding


“Six witnesses to child murders and kidnappings died of mysterious causes” Kevin Annett of the ITCCS announced today in a phone interview about a Brussels international trial that begins tomorrow April 7. The court was concerned about 50,000 missing children of mainly Catholic-run native residential schools in Canada.

Last week witnesses to alleged murders of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult at the residential schools, went into hiding when word came that a Vatican “hit squad” was headed for the Brussels international trial. The Canadian schools were accused of child genocide in government takeovers of vast amounts of native-owned lands.  

witnessesdeaths_small Court witnesses to child murders, kidnappings mysteriously died or in hiding

There were 28 child mass grave sites found on Canadian native residential school grounds. All were refused excavation by the Vatican, British Crown and Canadian government. The larger child mass grave sites were at Canadian native residential schools in Brantford Ontario, Kamloops B.C. and Port Alberni B.C.

“I believe these ITCCS members died because the child-sacrificing Ninth Circle Satanic Cult operated at every prominent native residential school in Canada” Annett continued.

The Canadian native residential school survivors who died prior to their scheduled testimonies at the 2013 international trial were:

Chief Louis Daniels of the Cree Tribe who died of unexplained causes while in good health on Feb. 2006 in a Winnipeg hospital. Daniels had called for a boycott of what he called the Canadian government’s “White-washing Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” The commission was charged with investigating what is now believed to be 50,000 missing native children, some of whom were thought to be buried in 28 mass child grave sites on the grounds of native residential schools across Canada.

Harriet Nahanee of the Squamish Tribe who died of pneumonia in Feb. 2007 while locked away in Surrey, B.C. jail. Nahanee was imprisoned for leading an occupation of Catholic churches over their murderof native residential school children.

Johnny Bingo Dawson of the Tsimshian Tribe led occupations of Vancouver Anglican and United churches. Dawson was beaten by police on Dec. 9 2009. He died the next day. An autopsy report claimed he died of “alcohol poisoning.” An attached toxocoloy report said no alcohol was in his system.

Ricky Lavallee of the Cree Tribe witnessed the police beating of Bingo Dawson. Lavallee was found dead of “a blow to the chest” the following Spring of 2010 after speaking publicly about Dawson’s beating.

William Combes of the Salish Tribe witnessed the abduction of ten children by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. On October 10 1964 Combes was a child at the Kamloops Catholic Indian School when his ten friends disappeared. In Feb. 2010 Combes died after speaking out about the Queen’s abduction. The healthy Combes was told to go to the Vancouver St. Paul’s Catholic hospital for tests. There he was put into a coma by injection, then was prematurely pulled off life support.

Harry Wilson of the Nootka Tribe witnessed child murders at the Alberni B.C. native residential school. Wilson was the first survivor to speak out about residential school child murders. In May 2012 he was found dead on the streets of Vancouver after appearing on local radio program and revealing the names of those whom he believed to be murderers at the school.

“It is my belief that the Catholic, United Church, Anglican, Canadian Government, Crown of England and Jesuit Order are behind actively silencing witnesses to these crimes,” Annett stated.

After the Feb. 2013 court found 30 global leaders guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, Pope Ratzinger became the first pope in history to resign from his office.

Chief defendants at the 2014 trial that begins tomorrow were Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.