Cover-Up! Fukushima 100²s Dead, Missing, or Killed! Government Keeping Silent!

 There is nothing more fearful to our government then an uprising of the people. I suspect that when the truth of Fukushima is not longer kept under wraps and the evidence becomes too hard to ignore; the public will outcry! As a result the government will respond with martial law  under the veil of “safety and convenience.” Meaning whatever part of the world you live in–when disaster occurs—you’ll be under martial law and possible placed in an internment camp (aka: RX-84, FEMA camp). 

Could this be one of the reasons our government has been preparing for catastrophe? Since the spring of 2012, Homeland Security has bought 450,000,000 rounds of hollow-point ammunition (for domestic use), and began buying bullet-proof checkpoint buildings. Furthermore they recently confirmed the purchase of a million potassium iodide pills (which specifically protect against radiation such as Fukushima’s). To make matters more shocking FEMA has prepared internment camps for the population and put all the staff on a 72 hour notice.

fukushima-wave-us_small Cover-Up! Fukushima 100²s Dead, Missing, or Killed! Government Keeping Silent!

Could it be that they are expecting an uprising from the public due to Fukushima fallout and their inability to warn the public?  After all with the passage of the NDAA the US government can arrest you with no cause for arrest, strip-search you, throw you in jail, and treat you as they please without any identifying charges. It is only a matter of time before they begin their tyrannical regime.  

Recently, 800 workers have gone missing from the Fukushima power plant, many are thought to have died. According to KPFA Flashpoints, Mar. 10, 2014 (at 3:00 in): 

Steve Zeltzer, reporting from Japan: “One of the things I learned in Osaka from the president of the day laborers is that many of the day laborers being brought into the plant, they’re not being registered and they’re disappearing. There were over 800 day laborers who have disappeared from contact by the union, which means they may have been killed or died during work.” 

KPFA Flashpoints, Mar. 11, 2014 (at 4:00 in): 

“Zeltzer: The government now is in control of Tepco, which runs Fukushima plant, and they’ve allowed the use contract workers, through the Yakuza. So the government is actually in business with the Yakuza, allowing the Yakuza to bring in these workers, and we heard a report that many are not even being registered when they go into the plant so they’re not entitled to health care and also when they get sick and over-doses you can’t tell because they haven’t been registered, these are the contract workers at the plant. […] These workers are basically being used as cannon fodder. Some of them are not only day laborers but also immigrant workers who are being used as well to clean up the plant.” 

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Don’t put it past the government! They do keep secret….