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Our Alternate Moral Universes

Bill Murchison, Wild times, these, in America: students (and some non-students) at Middlebury College driving away a distinguished intellectual with false claims about his “racism”; fiery accusations flooding the land concerning wiretapping and collaboration with the Russian government; name-calling by the present president, directed at his predecessor. And that’s just in the last few days!

‘Star wars’ actor Riz Ahmed calls for more diverse movie roles or people will turn to ISIS

British actor Riz Ahmed issued a warning to the entertainment industry. The actor said a lack of diversity in television and movies in the U.K. could cause people to “retreat to fringe narratives, to bubbles online and sometimes even off to Syria.” The actor, while addressing British Parliament, said the U.K. has failed to represent

The Stars of Sexist and Racist Hollywood Shine Bright Tonight #BoycottOscars

Paul Jacob, Tonight, after strolling down the red carpet and preening for the bulb-popping paparazzi, the kings and queens of Hollywood will honor their fans with many tedious televised hours of congratulating and awarding themselves. As winning actors and actresses grab their Oscars,they will likely take turns upbraiding Mr. Trump as both racist and sexist.

NASCAR vs. Hollywood is a tale of two Americas #Daytona500

John Moody, Sunday is one of those days that lays bare the stark division in America. In the afternoon, NASCAR will present its crown jewel, the 59th running of the Daytona 500. A few hours later, the glitterati of Hollywood will assemble for the 89th presentation of the Academy Awards, the entertainment industry’s tribute to

Extremism in Defense of Autonomy

Mike Adams, When confronted with opposition to abortion, many feminists reflexively assert that it is “(Their) body” and, therefore, “(their) choice.” Notice that I have used the term “assert” instead of “argue.” In order for an assertion to become an argument it must be accompanied by evidence. There simply is no evidence to support the

Texas Preschool Teacher Fired After Tweeting ‘Kill Some Jews’

James Barrett, An Arlington preschool teacher has been fired for posting anti-Semitic statements on social media. According to Dallas News, the teacher, Nancy Salem — who is a member of the notoriously anti-Semitic Students for Justice in Palestine — was recently fired from The Children’s Courtyard preschool after a watchdog group revealed that she had been posting disturbing statements online about Jews, including outright

The Right Throws Milo to the Wolves

David Horowitz, Why the Left dominates the national culture. The hateful Left whose most effective weapon is character assassination has created a gotcha culture for conservatives, and conservatives can be counted on to fold every time. Barney Frank had a prostitution ring operating out of his house and masturbated into the president’s locker in the

Isn’t Multiculturalism Grand, Look at How It Works in Paris

S. Noble, Paris has been the scene of riots since February 2nd when a 22-year old youth worker named Theo was allegedly beaten up and raped with a truncheon by police. The immigrants are going to burn the place down in retaliation. Last week, riots occurred across numerous north-eastern Paris suburbs associated with social deprivation and