Dangerous Times: Russia Rising in the Middle East

By James Lewis


Now that America is leading from behind, more serious powers are rushing to fill the vacuum. Obama seems ready to let that happen, which is why India just launched its first homemade aircraft carrier and why Japan is rearming to keep China from stealing the whole South China Sea.

When America bugs out, what follows is not love and peace — contrary to deeply delusional liberals. What happens is a worldwide scramble for king of the hill. Instability breeds war, as we can see in the news headlines. Obama knocked over the Mubarak regime in Egypt, a pillar of peace and stability for thirty years. Now civil war has erupted all over the place — Egypt, Libya, and Syria. So much for the vaunted “Arab Spring.” The Iranians are laughing their heads off, getting ready to sucker the West again.

putindictator_small Dangerous Times: Russia Rising in the Middle East

And to show his profound concern for all the killing, Obama is sending vacation postcards from Martha’s Vineyard, laughing and smiling and having fun.

The Arabs aren’t smiling. In Egypt, both sides blame Obama. In Libya and Syria, we have alienated both sides, too. Behind the scenes, the Saudis are paying for the Egyptian military to knock down the Muslim Brotherhood, while the oil sheikhs of Qatar are trying to shaft the Saudis.

Only Israel is democratic, stable, and prosperous, nervously watching while her enemies kill each other. Egypt is now at war with Hamas in Gaza, where the Muslim Brotherhood is hiding out. Hezbollah is entangled in Syria, defending the regime against Al Qaida rebels.

In the absence of American strength and reliability, all the players are turning to Russia, which is emerging: