Dear Millennials and other brain-dead Bernie supporters: Read this real-life story of socialism

Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society 

Among the most disastrous social/political changes we Americans have permitted in modern time is the 26th Amendment to our constitution, which gave 18-year olds the privilege (it is not a right) to vote.

I would like to see the 26th Amendment repealed and replaced with an amendment making 25 the minimum voting age, and I am not opposed to 30, or even 35. I would also include other qualifications to vote. Voting is not only a civic duty, it is a serious matter that should not be entrusted to the immature and inexperienced. Not because they are stupid. Heck, they voted for Prom Queen just fine, but the Prom Queen does not have the power to send our young heroes off to die in foreign wars or shove tyrannical executive orders down the throats of We the People.

Simply put, youngsters lack the maturity and life experience to competently make such grave decisions as electing a President of the United States. Keep in mind this is a generalization. There are certainly youngsters who are exceptions to the rule, but not many.

Case in point: Milleinnials, which are generally defined as those born after 1980, overwhelmingly prefer Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump or any other candidate. Obviously, to those of us who have watched the horrors and mass misery of socialist experiments in the former Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and other miserable hellholes around the globe, socialism is a very bad idea, and 180 degrees counter to our founding principles, which are responsible for the individual liberty and prosperity we Americans enjoy today.

maduro_small Dear Millennials and other brain-dead Bernie supporters: Read this real-life story of socialism

However, to Millennials (generally), socialism is the utopian model, simply because it is a wonderful idea, and it is until you study it closely, and/or, are old enough to have seen its effects on those subjected to its control .

Obviously, few Millennials have thought through socialist philosophy long enough, nor studied it closely enough, to connect the dots, which would be easy to do if they were to witness its effects first hand. In a nutshell, Millennials lack the benefit of our (seasoned citizens’) experience.

So, dear, sweet Millennials, of whose generation I am the proud father of four members, if you want to see a REAL LIFE, REAL TIME socialist experiment underway and about to go way under, look no further than Venezuela, not long ago a country flush in oil cash, now a nation of rampant crime and mass misery, with a starving population. Martial law and total collapse of the Venezuelan economy are close at hand, all because the former leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, convinced the people that the free lunch (provided by $100 per barrel oil) would go on forever.

Instead of salting away their profit and building their collective prosperity, Venezuela decided to throw a national party that they believed would be perpetual. Corruption and government giveaways (social welfare) were wonderful when the money was there to pay for it.

Now that the money is gone, thanks in large part to a spike in domestic US oil production, which has contributed to lower global market crude prices, the Venezuelan party/experiment is over, as are all parties, at some point, paid for with other peoples’ money.

Now strapped with runaway inflation, nationwide food shortages, and a massive crime wave, Venezuelans are a desperate people. The country is on the brink of martial law and economic implosion. To give you an example of the level of misery in this starving and ruined nation, a hamburger now costs $170 in Venezuela.

THAT is what happens, Millennials, when you dream instead of plan. My advice is to consider carefully Bernie’s and Hitlery’s socialist utopian carrot-on-a-stick lies and fantasies, which they are leading you around with, then juxtapose their pie-in-the-sky promises with the real life, real time example of Venezuela, and vote accordingly.

I apologize to Bernie Sanders for calling him a liar. Bernie is not a liar. He is simply a dreamer who never had a real job. He is completely unable to connect the dots between free lunches for everyone to economic collapse. With just a little REAL life experience, it isn’t hard.

Hitlery is a liar. A corrupt, criminal, vicious liar.

So, if those are your choices, Millennials, and you are sticking to them, and you in fact succeed in electing one these two socialist dirtbags, God Help us all.

Venezuela: Misery, squalor, shortages, long lines, and garbage in the streets

From SBS News

Troops have been deployed around Venezuela’s capital of Caracas and in ‘every strategic region’ this weekend during the country’s largest ever military exercise.

The government claims the exercises are in response to the threat of invasion from the United States, but the real reason for the government’s state of emergency declaration is likely much closer to home.

For over a year now, Venezuelans have been suffering under an ever deepening economic and political crisis.

Bare supermarket shelves are common. Vital medicines are in short supply. Crime is rising. Blackouts occur daily. To save electricity, the government asked public sector workers to only show up on Mondays and Tuesdays – and this could soon extend to private companies as well.

All this in one of the largest oil producing nations on earth.

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