Debunking Obama’s Flawed Assertions on Tax Deductions and Corporate Welfare

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In a violation of the 8th Amendmentís prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, my brutal overseers at the Cato Institute required me to watch last nightís debate (you can see what Cato scholars said by clicking here).


But I will admit that it was good to see Obama finally put on the defensive, something that almost never happens since the press protects him (with one key exception, as shown in this cartoon).

This doesnít mean I like Romney, who would probably be another Bush if he got to the White House.

On the specifics, I obviously didnít like Obamaís predictable push for class warfare tax policy, but Iíve addressed that issue often enough that I donít have anything new to add.

I was irked, though, by Obamaís illiteracy on the matter of business deductions for corporate jets, oil companies, and firms that ďship jobs overseas.

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