Demand Transparency in Police Killing of 83-Year-Old


delma-towler Demand Transparency in Police Killing of 83-Year-Old  Petition

  • Target: Virginia Police Department Superintendent Colonel W. Steven Flaherty
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A 911 hangup in Virginia prompted officers to kill an innocent 83-year-old woman.

An officer shot Delma Towler while she was allegedly fleeing to her sister’s house for refuge from a possible intruder. In her rush, she’d abandoned a 911 call and shot a gun into the air.
Police claim they confronted Towler, who refused to comply. Her hearing aid and glasses left behind, Towler was doubtless unaware of why officers were approaching her.

Towler’s family seeks justice and don’t believe the officers’ account, but police have kept mum about the investigation.

The citizens of Virginia deserve to see accountability and hear explanations from local law enforcers.Virginia’s lack of citizen review boards leaves gaps in public understanding concerning police conduct, expecially after the use of lethal force.

Delma Towler’s murder calls for answers from Virginia’s police force. Require transparency from Virginia officers in the case of deadly force.

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