Democrat Fairy Tales and the End of Camelot

The Democrat’s convention was one fairy tale after another designed to inspire the newly self-anointed party of the middle class. The Democrats offered speaker after speaker of nothing more than immoral embellishments and artful praise for Barack Obama and the failing Democrat ideology. I was almost entranced by Bill Clinton’s incantations, but somehow I was resuscitated by the memory of the powerful stench he left in our White House during his tenure. The DNC reminded me of a fairy tale about a boy named Jack, his widowed mother, and a handful of magic beans.

jackandthebeanstalk_cropped-220x120 Democrat Fairy Tales and the End of Camelot

In my version, Jack represents the Democrats and his widowed mother our American middle class. They’re dried up old milk cow (the U.S. economy) is traded for magic beans (entitlements) carelessly cast on the ground to turn into a massive beanstalk (our national debt) that disappeared into the clouds where there lived a giant named Constitution. In my fairy tale, Jack climbs to Constitution’s castle where he elects to steal a mysterious singing harp named Barack and returns to his widowed mother’s house.

That night Barack the harp sang the most beautiful music to Jack’s widowed mother. He sang of a goose named taxpayer that laid golden eggs. He told Jack’s mom to send Jack back to steal the goose so that Jack and his mother would never go hungry again. The next morning Jack began his climb. On his way up he looked down and observed his old milk cow being butchered by a large organized group of people shouting FORWARD! Jack didn’t give the old milk cow a thought. His mind was on the goose in Constitution’s Castle. We all know how the story ends.

Four years ago, many in our nation were sold a fairy tale and the have been rewarded. Today the Democrats unabashedly continue to pitch the very same diatribe of spending and progress. The loud and the lazy are rewarded for their votes and the proud and productive are ostracized while their futures are raped and their heritage diminished.

Former President Clinton failed to remind America that 6 months of our hard earned income is confiscated by our government only to be squandered on feel-good programs serving no productive purpose except to by votes. We got cash for clunkers, cash for caulkers, unemployment extensions, life line-cell phone services, taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, and free school lunches that led to free school breakfasts. Where does the Democrat’s fairy tale end? How much debt does it require to win an election?

In my fairy tale, Jack’s actions suggest the consequences of lofty wishes and immoral measures. Our Constitution is not a wish, it is a statement of our rights to self-determination and its intent is being exploited to service its destruction.  This is a growing consequence of big government policies. Dusting off Bubba for a quick monologue will energize Obama’s misguided cult of beneficiaries. And the reality of Democrat ideological rule can’t be ignored. Four more years of insane and irresponsible spending will only grow the ranks of the party of poverty and ignorance and doom our nation to a legacy of corruption and malfeasance.

Long gone are the days of Camelot. We live in a country that votes its wallet not its conscience. Be fearful of the 50% that benefit from the Democrat’s fairy tale. They’re votes have already been purchased. They believe that in order to live like a Republican you must vote Democrat and they want you to pay for it. We’ve created this monster that governs us and that’s no fairy tale.