Democratic Socialism Is Still Socialism

Some people are under the impression that democratic socialism is a better version of socialism because the word democratic makes them think that as long as it’s a democracy, socialism will work just fine.

Problem is, reality says otherwise.

Comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder sets the record straight on the evils of democratic socialism in a Prager University video. Crowder points out that just because a political system is a democracy doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a moral system. For instance, Hamas was democratically elected by Palestinians in Gaza even though their charter calls for “the destruction of not only Israel, but the eradication of all Jews.”

Crowder also points to Venezuela, which democratically elected socialist Hugo Chavez. The country is now “on the brink of collapse,” with shortages of basic goods that Americans take for granted, such as “eggs, milk, flour, and toilet paper.”

democraticsocialism_small Democratic Socialism Is Still Socialism Democratic Party


The Nordic countries – which the left constantly raves about – are not very good models of socialist democracy either. Denmark’s prime minister has described the Danish economy as more of “a market economy” rather than a socialist model, and Sweden’s economy is plagued with high tax rates.

“Over time, the greatest enemy of socialism is reality,” Crowder said. “The reality that human nature will invariably pull certain people toward individualism and success and others toward laziness and collectivism. The tension between the makers and the takers always –  always! – leads to socialism’s inevitable collapse.”

History has repeatedly shown that if there are more takers than makers, the takers will always win in a socialist democracy, as they can force “scary men with guns to take you away” if the makers won’t forfeit their money to government confiscation, which is then redistributed to the takers.

Democratic socialism is still socialism.