Democrats Debate Whether to Shake President Trump’s Hand

Todd Starnes,

President Trump will address a joint session of Congress later tonight – but Democrats won’t be rolling out the red carpet.

The Washington Post reports that some Democrats may refuse to shake the president’s hand as he enters the House chamber.

trumphandshake_small Democrats Debate Whether to Shake President Trump's Hand Democratic Party

This is the actual headline: “Democrats’ dilemma: To shake or not to shake President Trump’s hand.”

It’s not Congress, folks. It’s grade school.

It’s not the first time the opposition party has disrespected the president. More than a third of congressional Democrats boycotted his inauguration. And an alarming number refuse to even acknowledge that he won the 2016 presidential election. 

But tonight’s stunt may very well define the Party of Obama for who they really are: petty, vindictive and downright inhospitable.

And I would expect nothing less from a bunch of liberals who have gone out of their way to try and delegitimize a duly elected president.

We’ve seen their hired guns at work in town hall meetings across the fruited plain – causing mayhem – heckling preachers and disrespecting veterans.

Democrats are clearly lacking in the social graces necessary for a civil society.  

But just in case one or two Democrats extend their hand and say howdy-do – the president might want to bring along some hand sanitizer – or a wet wipe.

Heaven forbid the leader of the free world gets a case of the cooties.