Democrats’ Scorn For Religion Is The Great Disconnect

Ben Shapiro,

According to the former director of Barack Obama’s 2012 faith-outreach efforts, Michael Wear, the Democratic Party simply doesn’t get it when it comes to religion. Wear explained that the Obama administration was “unnecessarily antagonistic toward religious conservatives in both of those fights.” Wear nearly quit the Obama administration altogether over their discrimination against a pastor who had preached the Biblical worldview on homosexuality.

It gets worse. In an interview with The Atlantic, he related this rather farcical anecdote:

He once drafted a faith-outreach fact sheet describing Obama’s views on poverty, titling it “Economic Fairness and the Least of These,” a reference to a famous teaching from Jesus in the Bible. Another staffer repeatedly deleted “the least of these,” commenting, “Is this a typo? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Who/what are ‘these’?”

The Biblical illiteracy of the Obama team wasn’t lost on Christians, who voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Exit polls showed that well over 80 percent of white evangelical and born-again Christians voted for Donald Trump, despite his well-publicized history of social leftism and foibles in his personal life, as well as his own obvious Biblical illiteracy. Trump, though, wasn’t militaristically anti-Bible – the Obama White House was.

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Voting doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Most voters see voting as an act of opposition, not merely support for a politician. And most religious voters opposed Obama and Hillary Clinton, who held the same convictions on religion Obama did. It didn’t help Hillary that her campaign director, John Podesta, characterized Catholics as fools who “must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations,” or that his fellow campaign honcho, Jennifer Palmieri, replied that most top level Republicans who are Catholic became Catholic because it’s a “form of religion” more acceptable to their wealthy compatriots. Hillary herself said that religious people would have to change their views in order to facilitate social leftism: “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Democrats, however, continue to suggest that religious Americans must be targeted for their supposed intolerance. No wonder Democrats are losing throughout the most religious areas of the country.