Dems Bussing In Crowds To Fill Stadium For Obama’s Acceptance Speech

Four years ago, Barack Obama had little trouble drawing large crowds on the campaign trail. When he accepted the nomination in 2008, he did so in Denver, Colorado in front of 84,000 people. They had no problem filling the stadium as so many people bought into his promise of change.

bank-of-america-stadium-220x120 Dems Bussing In Crowds To Fill Stadium For Obama’s Acceptance Speech

That’s not the case with this election. So far this year, the largest crowd Obama has drawn on the campaign trail was a mere 14,000 at Ohio State University back in May. To avoid being embarrassed by the low numbers, the Obama campaign says they have purposely kept the numbers down to make security easier and less expensive.

This sounds as lame of an excuse as a high school student telling his teacher that his dog ate his homework. After all, what politician, especially one like Obama running for president, would limit crowd numbers? Secondly, the Obama administration and campaign has never hesitated at spending when it suits their desires, so why would they suddenly worry about expenses at such a critical time as this?

Later this week, Barack Obama will be giving his acceptance speech at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. The stadium seats 74,000 people. Even though this is 10,000 seats fewer than the Denver stadium four years ago, the Democrats are deeply concerned as to whether or not they will be able to fill the stadium to capacity. If they can’t, they fear this will be used by the Republicans to show how much Obama’s support has dwindled since 2008.

In an effort to insure that the stadium will be filled, the Democrats have resorted to some constructive promotion programs. They have been offering 1 free ticket to every person who volunteers for Obama’s campaign. In order to receive the free ticket, each volunteer must work a minimum of three 3 hour shifts for a total of nine hours.

They have also been contacting colleges, universities and black churches in North Carolina and surrounding states. At least 100 students from Duke University will be bussing to the event. Additionally, it is reported that several large black churches in South Carolina will be sending busloads of members up to the convention and to hear the president’s acceptance speech.

North Carolina, where the convention is taking place, has an unemployment record of 9.6%, which is 1.3% higher than the national average. It is also a right-to-work state and the DNC purposely shunned a number of local businesses and hired out-of-state union companies for a number of jobs.

The bottom line is that Obama’s support has been weakened nationally and locally by his failed administration. Although Obama won North Carolina in 2008, polls indicate that his support in the state has taken a downward trend and his winning the state in November is questionable. Hopefully come November, it will be even lower nationwide and the American people will wake up and smell the manure that Obama has been spreading the past four years.