Dictators Actually Get Started With a Cheerleader Media

Daniel Greenfield,

Dictators don’t get started by criticizing the media. The majority of Americans have a negative view of the media. Does that make all of us dictators?

Instead dictators get started with a media that hysterically showers them with praise,

That defends every one of their illegal actions, That calls for them to even have more unilateral power, That is incapable of reporting anything negative about them, America just survived one of those. His name was Barack Hussein Obama.

obama_messiah_small Dictators Actually Get Started With a Cheerleader Media Politics

The media defended his illegal actions, showed endless praise on him and attacked his critics. 

That is how dictators get started. Americans chose to undo the Obama-Media dictatorship. That is what the media is mad about.

A free press only protects democracy when it is free, in the sense of representing a range of viewpoints, not when it willingly panders to abuses of power by one faction, as the media does, while waging unrelentling war against the other.

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