DNC: Watch as Sanders Supporters Chant “Bernie Or Jail” In The Hallways

Matt Vespa,

 The Democratic Convention has tallied the votes—and Hillary Clinton is now the Democratic nominee for president. Clinton had already blown past the 2,383-delegate mark to clinch the nomination, but Sen. Bernie Sanders, on behalf of the Vermont delegation, moved that the rules be suspended, and that Clinton be nominated by a voice vote, which was near unanimous.

dncfired_small DNC: Watch as Sanders Supporters Chant "Bernie Or Jail" In The Hallways

At this point, it’s no use to continue the resistance in the Bernie camp. At the same time, outside of the convention, Sanders supporters got into an intense argument with Clinton supporters that prompted more security to be present. They also chanted “Hillary or Jail” in the hallway. Roll Call’s Alex Roarty captured the action.