Do Conservatives Oppose Obama because he is Black?

A Silly Argument that Won’t Go Away

I’ve always opposed Obama’s policies because he is left-handed. It really bothers me the way he writes, with his elbow pointing in awkward directions. How could I possible support a government takeover of healthcare, amnesty for illegal aliens, or “stimulus” after “stimulus” from a guy who writes like that? If only he were right-handed, then I would have supported his policies. If that line of reasoning sounds stupid, imagine how conservatives feel about the equally low-brow argument that conservatives oppose Obama because he is black. At some point I assumed the argument that conservatives opposed Obama on race rather than ideology would eventually evaporate. But more than 5 years later, it seems to be getting worse as liberal Senators, activists, and even the media continue to wonder if opposition to Obama is “based on substance and not the fact that he’s an African American.” No, it’s because he is left-handed.

Conservatives Opposed Bush On Similar Issues

Conservatives opposed President Bush many times throughout his eight years in office. There was a reason Bush hit record-low approval ratings: because conservatives did not support his policies just because he had the right letter next to his name. For such acts of obedience I suggest you turn to his successor, President Obama, who receives near unanimous support from his ideologues. He’s managed to turn Bush-era anti-war activists into war hawks. That’s impressive. But principled conservatives had no problems opposing President Bush when they disagreed with him, just as they currently oppose President Obama when they disagree with him. There is a reason Bush’s approval’s hit the 20-30% range and how, miraculously, Obama has not.

dumbama_small Do Conservatives Oppose Obama because he is Black?

On amnesty, conservatives shut down the phone lines in Washington until legislators were forced to abandon the push. When Bush nominated a friend to the Supreme Court, conservatives opposed her nomination on the grounds that she was unqualified. The nomination was later rescinded. On economics, conservatives were not fans of Bush’s big spending “compassionate conservatism,” opposition to big-spending Republicanism that dates back to at least the George H.W. Bush era. Then, his insistence on raising taxes led to a conservative revolt and, later, electoral defeat.

When President Bush proposed the financial bailout in 2008, the move was widely opposed by conservatives. Indeed, 67% of Republicans in the US House of Representatives voted against The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 in the first go around, while 60% of Democrats voted for it. After revisions, the final version was favored by 73% of Democrats while 54% of Republicans still opposed the bill. This vote preceded the Tea Party movement, otherwise the bill would have likely had even fewer votes from Republican lawmakers and would have probably failed. Nevertheless, the reality that conservatives consistently opposed Bush has failed to stop Democrats from claiming that conservatives had “no problem” with Bush spending (or other policies), and only have an issue with big spending now that Obama is President. And black.

Obamacare vs. Hillarycare vs. Romneycare

Any guesses as to why conservatives opposed Obamacare? Because he is black, of course! The argument is silly even without having to dive deep into it and I’ll just refer you to the left-handed vs. right-handed argument. But since the line of reasoning persists – that conservatives mostly oppose Obama’s healthcare initiatives because of his race – then I will ask anyway: Remember Hillarycare back in the early 90s? What about Mitt Romney’s own problems with healthcare-related legislation? Though Bill Clinton was often regarded as “the first black president” he actually wasn’t black. And I’m really sure Mitt Romney isn’t black. But maybe he is left-handed. That could explain a lot. Or, maybe conservatives simply just oppose the government-take-over of healthcare? That would actually explain a lot.

Shock: Conservatives Support Conservatives and Conservatism

Colin Powell was frequently considered the most popular person in American politics. The then-Republican was mostly involved in matters of foreign policy and his leadership was well-respected regardless of political affiliation. It was only when Powell began injecting his mostly until-then unknown liberal politics into the dialogue did conservatives start to dislike him politically. Because here is a shocking news update: conservatives like conservatives, regardless of race or gender. I’d also assume the same goes for liberals, but I haven’t asked the media their views lately. Conservatives like minority politicians such as Allen West, Mia Love, Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz because they are conservative. If any of them suddenly became Charlie Crist or Arlen Specter, I’d assume we wouldn’t like them so much. If anything, Rubio’s fall from grace following his immigration push highlights this reality.

And if Obama had en epiphany (or more like 10,000 epiphanies) and legitimately came out in favor of school choice, low taxes, repealing Obamacare, and siding with life, conservatives would run to demand a third term. After all, he would have a lot to make up for. Did we suddenly become un-racist? Did we suddenly decide to learn to love left-handers? Or maybe it is as simple as what logic would dictate: conservatives like conservatives.