DOJ Finally Goes Insane: Uses Federal Power To Force School To Allow Girl To Use Boys’ Restroom


The DoJ has forced a school district to allow a girl to use the boys restroom because the girl calls herself a boy.

“The student was born a girl but “has identified as a boy from a young age,” according to the Department of Justice, which reached a settlement with the public school district in Arcadia, an affluent LA suburb. Under the deal, the district must not only change the student’s restroom privileges and make similar accommodations on overnight trips.  It also must institute a host of measures to ensure transgender students are treated as whatever gender they consider themselves to be.”

This is the “T” in the “GLBT” we hear about. The girl is allegedly “transgender.”

Holder_small4 DOJ Finally Goes Insane: Uses Federal Power To Force School To Allow Girl To Use Boys’ Restroom

So what if the girl identifies herself as a boy? I’m pasty white. So are my children. If one of them “identifies as an African American from a young age” does that mean he is “transracial” and can sue any college that doesn’t give him minority preferences? Are all colleges required to affirm his “transracial identity” and treat him as an African American.

How is transgender any different? It isn’t! Every single Liberal adult reading these words knows that he or she is lying, transparently and stupidly lying, to go along with this pretense. A girl is a girl is a girl. She should use a girl’s restroom. That’s just biology. That’s just humanity.

You don’t get to choose what you are. You don’t get to bully other people to conform to your fantasy reality (and any parents who encourage their child to expect this, hate their child). And being bullied because you are perceived as different in some way is no excuse at all. That is like addressing a restroom fire in the school by blowing up the building with the students inside. Nothing justifies this obvious piece of fiction and fantasy being enforced by the courts. No science. No civil rights law. Nothing.

It is just stupidity at the point of a gun. The DoJ had zero authority for this tyrannical and perverse move in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It just did it anyway.

If any African American wants to see the Civil Rights Act preserved he should be outraged by this appeal to it to justify fantasy coercion. It makes it into a joke. It makes Martin Luther King into a dirty joke. It makes a mockery of human life.

Again, there are girls and there are boys, there are women and there are men. And, in this case, yes, they are just born that way. A boy or girl can no more “identify” as the opposite sex than it can identify as a bird or a planet.

I should be horrified by how evil all this is, but I can’t get past the stupidity part. Is some Liberal going to write in the comments (as usually happens when I address homosexual issues) that this just shows how irrational belief in God is? Right. Because if I were an atheist it would suddenly make complete sense to say that girls can be boys by saying so and vice versa. Just get rid of the superstitions of the past and suddenly we will all see that a boy is really a girl “inside” and needs to use the girl’s restroom.

Give me a break.

Christians watch the Department of Justice, and if we ever had any doubts that modern liberal unbelievers are just stupid people trying desperately to make themselves more stupid, those doubts all scatter in the face of this monstrosity. And you expect us to accept your expertise on the definition of marriage? Maybe after your hallucinations go away.

Why would anyone think that the leaders of this kind of society have any brains when they do and say such stupid things? The Western World is run by idiots. Raving, stupid, morons.