Donald J. Trump Endorsed by Congressman James Lightfoot

Today Donald J. Trump received the endorsement of respected former Congressman James Lightfoot of Iowa. Mr. Trump has been endorsed by dozens of elected officials, including Congressmen, Senators, State Representatives and other key members of the Republican Party.

Mr. Trump stated, “I am proud to receive the endorsement of former Congressman Lightfoot. I have tremendous respect for him and I greatly appreciate his support.”

Congressman Lightfoot added, “Today I’m announcing my endorsement and support of Donald J. Trump as the Republican candidate for the office of President of the United States.”

lightfoot_small Donald J. Trump Endorsed by Congressman James Lightfoot  “Our party and its leadership have failed the country miserably over the past eight years. It seems that those in Washington, D.C. have thumbed their noses at the American people. It has to stop.”

“Donald Trump is the one person that can make it happen. He understands the feelings of millions of Americans that are fed up with business as usual in D.C. He wants to stop the bloat and runaway spending. He wants to stop the flow of illegals into our country. He wants to bring this country back together and build us back to the greatest country on the globe.”

“I’m very disappointed at those in office saying they will not vote for any candidate for President. Voting is a privilege and right that millions have given their lives to defend. It is a direct insult to all who have fought for this country, especially coming from the mouths of those that have been living on the government payroll for years.”

“Mr. Trump is the choice of a majority of Republicans. Let’s make sure he is the choice of the majority of voters in November. Without him, this country will continue its downward spiral into bankruptcy and disarray.”

Mr. Trump has surged in recent head to head polls against Hillary Clinton and is leading in key battleground states such as Ohio.