Ebony Magazine and Black Violence

By Colin Flaherty

White liberals may deny black mob violence but many black people are way past that: Today, its all about white racism.

Ebony magazine’s latest issue is a good example of that. Ebony is upset that some are trying to score political points from the recent shooting of 13 people on a Chicago basketball court.

WhiteGirl_small Ebony Magazine and Black Violence

Black violence in Chicago takes other forms as well,: some of it black on white. Some black on Asian. Or black on gay. Or black on young. Or black on old. Black on rich. Black on poor. Black on illegal immigrant. Black on tourist. Black on doctor. Black on lawyer. Black on Indian Chief? I don’t know about that one.

But Black on woman is also popular. So is black on storekeeper. Some violence is individual. Some in a mob. Much of it is documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

The reasons for this tsunami of violence are legion — and oft repeated: Family. Poverty. Housing. Education. Do I need to go on?

Ebony magazine says No.

Its easy to forget how influential Ebony is. “Ebony and Jet have been permanent fixtures on coffee tables in African-American homes for many years,” said Magic Johnson.

Joshua Adams of Ebony wants to flip the script: Even if black people are being convicted of crimes like assault and murder and burglary and selling drugs anywhere from 10 to 20 to 30 to even 40 times more than the rest of the population, Ebony doesn’t want to hear any more talk about black pathology:

“It’s much easier to point to Black crime than to interrogate a whole litany of violence against the Black community.

“What’s missing in their analysis is any mention of the history of institutionalized attacks on Black people …

“There’s no call for accountability towards a prison industrial complex sending Black and Brown folks to jail with longer sentences for equal or lesser crimes than any other race.

“No statistics are presented to show the overreporting of Chicago crime or to combat the many misconceptions about Black on Black crime in general in America.

“And what’s sadder is if their analysis is that shallow, how could they even begin to discuss, let alone understand, the residuals effects from the sadistic, prolonged assault on our people that was chattel slavery?”

Prisons cause crime. So does slavery. To quote the t-shirt: Its a black thing. You wouldn’t understand.

And since most people don’t, Adams has a prescription: “If you aren’t interested in doing anything but pointing in our direction to underscore some sort of racist, classist, blame-skewing point, then keep our city out your mouth.”

I understand now.

The Attorney General also likes to flip the script. Just a few weeks ago, Holder talked about how black people and white people who commit the same crimes receive different sentences.

The AG forgot to mention about how the biggest racial disparities in court rooms often rebound to the benefit of black people. At least the ones who are accused of a crime.

In Baltimore, the Abell Foundation found that black juries were reluctant to convict black people of crimes, compared to other counties in Maryland.

The study found “the probability of convicting an offender of the most serious offense in Baltimore City is .02, in the comparison jurisdictions it is .63.”

In layman’s language, that is 2 percent conviction rate versus 63 percent conviction rate. And it is not just Baltimore. In New York, the racial jury nullification is so common it even has a name: Bronx jury.

At MSNBC, the contributors love to talk about how black people and white people smoke the same amount of marijuana, but black people are arrested four times more often. That is based on a bogus study that does not test people for drugs, it asks if they use drugs or not.

And yes, there are studies on that too. At least two of them. It’s called self-reporting. When you ask about drug usage and then you test to see who is telling the truth, Black people are far more likely to lie about it.

According to the medical journal Addictive Behaviors, “underreporting of cocaine was documented with urine testing validation as well where African Americans in comparison to Caucasians who were urine positive were about 6 times less likely to report cocaine use when other factors are controlled for.”

Down at Johns Hopkins, they tested self-reporting of marijuana use among African Americans: “A study of 290 African American men in Baltimore, Maryland undergoing treatment for hypertension showed that self-reporting of illicit drug use is unreliable. Only 48 of the participants reported drug use but urine drug tests revealed that 131 had used drugs. “

We are unable to confirm or deny the Attorney General was one of the subjects in these drug studies. But his recent speeches are just about the closest proof of a positive drug result you can get without actual testing.

The racist drumbeat continues: The University of Rochester recently completed a study that showed more white racists live in the South. Their definition of racist: someone who believes that jobs, contracts, school enrollments and other opportunities should based on merit. Not racial quotas.

The University of Michigan recently did a similar study: whites are racist. But smarter whites are better at disguising it. “But they are no more likely than lower-ability whites to support open housing laws and are less likely to support school busing and affirmative action programs.”

Even hip hop star Chris Brown is getting in on the act. Brown is best known outside the world of hip hop for his frequent forays into the headlines for beating up his girlfriend, hit and run driving, faking his community service, assault on other rappers, and… well, its a long list.

But Chris would like to explain it all to us: Its not his fault. Its all about racism.

The District Attorney? He’s a “racist ass.”

“I got to the point where it’s only so much you can take from the master, you feel me? I’ve taken my fair share of lashings,” he told Jet Magazine. “This generation is so used to racism that it’s normal; we don’t care. We aren’t on drugs or catching AIDS, but they still look at us as n****s.”

Brown says both he and Trayvon Martin are victims of “blatant racism.”

In the meantime, I have one question for the put-upon Mr. Brown: Have you thought about moving to Baltimore?

From: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/09/ebony_and_black_violence.html#ixzz2fywnzlFW