Economy Stabilizing, Unemployment Down, So Who is Stupid Enough to Believe it?

economy Economy Stabilizing, Unemployment Down, So Who is Stupid Enough to Believe it?  There were 359,000 new claims for unemployment last week and the propagandists jumped on this number like flies on a rump roast. We have seen a sneaky propaganda campaign being put together to support the fantastic assertion that somehow in the past few weeks our economy has begun to stabilize. You see, as I have mentioned before, our enemies are attempting to lie the unemployment rate down under 8% before the election on November 6th and at this point in the ball game the lie needs to be intensified.

That being said, the propagandists must conjure up some supporting lies as a foundation for the main lie. I mean how can the jobs number be getting better when every other facet of the economy is failing?

Actually, lying the jobless rate down is quite simple as the lie structure in place at present is allowing for a 40% jobless rate to be lied down to and reported as 8.1%. To get the false 8.1% down to 7.9% requires only another 800,000 unemployed to be re-catergorized as no longer looking for work. But this fraud has become so well known to the point that it is laughable.

The falsehood that the international elitists and their propagandists are trying to establish is neither a declining unemployment rate nor a stabilized or improving economy. It is simply this. How in the world could a sitting president with an 8% plus unemployment rate be reelected when a large portion of the electorate have no jobs?

This is a ridiculous scenario to begin with as the true unemployment rate is around 40% and in reality with fair elections it would be impossible for Barack Obama to be reelected.

Now this lie of a stabilizing economy and falling unemployment rate is being supported from the other side of the false left-right paradigm also. Why? Well because there is 40% unemployment and in reality, in a fair election it is impossible that Mitt Romney, the founder and ex-CEO of Bain Capital, the poster child for the deindustrialization of the US and the job loss it has caused, could ever be elected.

The 2012 presidential election by definition is a fraud, no matter which fraudulent candidate is awarded the win. And any notion of representation for the people who are being taxed into starvation is a misnomer on its face and taxes are about to go up as home prices and the value of the dollar plunge, thanks to QE3 into eternity.

At some point in the very near future, even the most stupid among us are going to be saying, “Hey uh duh, we have taxation without representation. Isn’t this what we went to war with the British over?”

I guess the reasoning behind this latest propaganda is that stupidity knows no bounds and there is always somebody just a little dumber out there who can then reply back, “Duh uh, Obama was reelected because he brought the unemployment rate down to under 8% and duh, stabilized the economy.” Or, “Mitt Romney was elected because all those jobs he created at Bain Capital brought the unemployment rate down and stabilized the economy. Duh uh, see?” “They represent me because I want the unemployment rate to come down and, duh, the economy to stabilize.”

This whole charade is nothing more than a stalling tactic directed at the dumbest of the dumb, who by coincidence are the ones who have been allowed to be left with the most for the longest. You know, these mental midget morons who think they still have something because they are smarter than the rest of us and so the government listens to them.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.