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Americans Horrified Over Skyrocketing Obamacare Prices #DraintheSwamp

Infowars, Horrified citizens share damning healthcare premium increase photos online. For years Infowars and others have warned the “Affordable Care Act” was unsustainable. Now the Obama administration has confirmed health insurance premiums in 2017 will rise by an average of 25 percent across the country, with folks in some states set to see triple digit

Team Obama’s new overtime rule is dehumanizing, economically harmful and must be stopped

Joseph R. Metzger, Texas and 20 other states have announced a lawsuit to block the Obama administration’s destructive overtime rules, which are slated to go into effect December 1, 2016. With less than 3-months to spare, victory in the case would save businesses and workers across the U.S. from this dehumanizing and economically damaging law.

WOW: 35 Percent Of All Americans Have Debt That Is At Least 180 Days Past Due

Michael Snyder, More than a third of all Americans can’t pay their debts.  I don’t know about you, but to me that is a shocking figure.  As you will see below, 35 percent of the people living in this country have debt in collections.  When a debt is in  collections, it is at least 180

U.S. fiscal year budget deficit widens to $587 billion

The U.S. budget deficit widened to $587 billion for the fiscal year 2016 on slower-than-expected revenues and higher spending for programs including Social Security and Medicare, the Treasury Department said on Friday. The 2016 deficit increased to 3.2 percent of gross domestic product. It was the first time the deficit increased in relation to economic

A Hillary Clinton victory Would Tank the Economy #VoteTrump

Peter Morici, A recession is likely, but not certain, over the next four years. If Hillary Clinton is elected and cajoles Republicans in Congress to go along with a significant portion of her economic agenda, the odds and consequences of real damage are significantly higher. The current economic recovery is one of the longest but

World Bank reports nearly 80 million people could slide into poverty

Natural catastrophes and changing climate could have devastating effects on cities in developing countries, the World Bank has said. As a result, over 77 million people could slide into poverty. Out of 7.5 billion people in the world, more than 1 billion – or one in seven people – live on less than $1.25 (1.13

Sunday’s Debate, What Clinton and Trump Need to Prove On the Economy

Ian Salisbury,  Both candidates need to make a better case to voters. With many Americans still struggling to make ends meet, the economy is likely to take center stage yet again, when presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet for their second debate this Sunday. While Clinton was largely regarded as the winner at