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Donald Trump, Rosie the Riveter, and the Revival of American Economic Nationalism

Virgil, Sometimes big ideas get small coverage.  Unfortunately, that was the case with President Trump’s March 15 trip to Michigan, in which he raised an important idea—arguably the most important economic-policy idea in U.S. history—and yet his words received almost no attention. Perhaps that was inevitable, because, as we all know, White House reporters these

Will we be adults or children? The ugly truth about America’s spending

Richard Manning, You can already hear the howling.  Oh the humanity, Trump is killing Big Bird. The world is in danger of climate destruction, Trump is ending payments to the Green Climate Fund that pays off foreign governments to support radical environmental proposals under the false flag of global warming. The world is on the

New NAFTA Deal Still Being Worked Out By Trump Administration

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Sunday the Trump administration has yet to determine what the trade agreement replacing NAFTA will look like. “One size doesn’t fit all,” Ross said in an exclusive interview on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “The issues of automotive are not the same as the issues of agriculture; they’re not the same

Trump’s First Full Month Sees Boom in Construction, Manufacturing Jobs

The Labor Department on Friday released its February jobs report, giving its latest snapshot of America’s economy. The U.S. economy added a more-than-expected 235,000 non-farm jobs last month, President Trump’s first full month in office.  Trump ran on the promise to create 25 million jobs over the next decade. Since taking office, the president has

U.S. $14 Trillion Deficit in 10 Years, Interest Is ‘Single Fastest-Growing Part of the Budget’

Dan Riehl, Breitbart  Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, discussed with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow the serious nature of current and future budget issues facing the nation. “We are on track if we do nothing over the next ten years – doing nothing, passing no laws – we will borrow

States Are Going Broke Because They Broke the Bank

Stephen Moore, Governors and state legislators say they are running out of money again, and many are demanding tax hikes to close budget gaps. More than half the states are facing big deficits this year, and they are mostly blue states, including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois and New York and Oregon. Wait. These are states