Fascist Universities U.S.A. – It’s time to liberate the campus gulag.

Frontpage Editors,

There was a time when campus life meant dorm parties, Frisbees on the lawn and entering a world of ideas. Today’s campus, however, is a joyless, politically correct gulag where students are taught to confess their crimes of privilege and inform on fellow students.

Free speech died first on campus when the great works of literature were censored because they could be offensive, when comedians began to fear to visit because they might offend someone and when students became afraid to discuss ideas, dress up for a party or even tell a joke.

Now, today’s students know that Bias Response Teams on hundreds of campuses are encouraging students to inform on each other. That a casual remark or humorous tweet could cost them their future.

fire-berkeley_1_small Fascist Universities U.S.A. - It’s time to liberate the campus gulag. College

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is continuing its fight against campus fascism by defying political correctness.

The Center has stood in stalwart opposition to the brainwashing of students by faculty and radical hate groups. And we are taking a firm stand against the politically correct intimidation and harassment of students. 

It’s time to take back the campus for free speech from the Bias Response Teams.

On campuses across the country, everything has been turned upside down. Discussion has become indoctrination, civil rights has turned into racism and anti-fascism has become P.C. fascism.

When administrators encourage students to monitor and inform on each other to frighten them into watching what they say, then to paraphrase Huey Long, fascism has come to campus in the guise of fighting fascism.

The Freedom Center will go on resisting politically correct fascism by taking risks on campuses to fight for free speech. Our speakers can’t appear on campuses without security. Sometimes they aren’t allowed to speak at all. But we will go on fighting to ensure that, in the land of the First Amendment, students will be permitted to engage in the free exchange of ideas at their institutions of higher learning.

We will not rest until free speech is restored to every college campus in America.