Former Texas Gov. Perry endorses Trump, says open to running mate role

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and is open to being his running mate, CNN reported on Thursday.

In September, Perry was the first member of the initially crowded Republican field to drop out of the 2016 White House race, following a failed bid in the 2012 race. The longest-serving governor in Texas history had languished near the bottom of the 17-strong Republican presidential pack since entering the current race in June.

Trump is now the last one left and the presumptive Republican nominee.

rickperry2_small Former Texas Gov. Perry endorses Trump, says open to running mate role

RNC’s Priebus Says Trump, Ryan to Meet Next Week to ‘Talk’

Republican Natl. Cmte Chair Reince Priebus says Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are “both committed to sitting down and actually talking this out,” after the House speaker said he wasn’t ready to endorse the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

  • Priebus, in interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, says of Trump-Ryan meeting to happen next week: “I think it’s going to work out but in some cases people are not going to be instantly on board and I know that can be frustrating for some people”
    • “I think everyone has to let a little bit of the steam to get out and get everyone to settle down”
  • NOTE: House Speaker Ryan told CNN earlier today he wasn’t ready to offer support to Trump; presumptive nominee responded saying he wasn’t ready to support Ryan’s agenda