FOX Elitists, Treasonous to a Fault


fox-news FOX Elitists, Treasonous to a Fault  The US poverty rate is at a 20 year high as entitlements mount. This is the propaganda coming out of FOX News. More people are apparently impoverished as they go on entitlements and now the existence of entitlements is to be blamed for poverty. Not the loss of 20 million jobs, not the 30 million foreign nationals who have come into our country illegally, but rather the mere existence of food stamps and welfare.

Now this might be considered a definite incentive for peoples all over the third world to be pouring over our borders, but in the reporting the illegal invasion and entitlements are never linked. You see these elitists at FOX are trying to turn those in the middle class, still fortunate enough to have a job, against their brothers and sisters who have been victimized by the international theft of $32 trillion in real wealth, taken from the American people by the international banksters, said banksters never having been so much as investigated, let along prosecuted for their crimes.
No, the people they want to blame for the welfare state are those who paid into the so called safety net for 20 or 30 or 40 years, before losing everything to theft and fraud. But in reality these are the people who get the least. They are mostly made up of the baby boomers who have already raised their children and hence qualify for only a meager amount of assistance.

On the other hand the invaders coming from the south, who have five or six kids with one parent working an American minimum wage job, literally receive thousands every month.

As it stands a foreign national can unlawfully enter our country, go straight down to the welfare office, and receive full benefits, never having paid one penny into the system they have just begun sucking off of, while an American national, who as mentioned earlier, has paid into the system over a lifetime of working, is lucky to get $120 worth of food stamps per month with zero income.

The communist reason this is so is self evident.

The foreign nationals sneaking over our border have already acquiesced to being peasants. It is the American nationals who own the United States that the elite are attempting to get to accept abject poverty and elitist rule over them in their country, the richest country on Planet Earth.