Is Now Live Out Of Beta Testing With Open Registration #SpeakFreely

On August 15th, 2016 Gab launched into invite-only beta testing. This would begin our nine month journey to building a community unlike any other on the internet. In the wake of increasing censorship and single-sided bias from Big Social, Gab has been the shining light of hope for free expression and speech online. We are committed to building a People First community.

Due to our commitment to free speech and individual liberty we’ve been through the ringer with the fake news media. These political activist opinion bloggers who call themselves “journalists” have attempted to destroy our community many times over. In turn, they have only fueled our growth.

gab_small Is Now Live Out Of Beta Testing With Open Registration #SpeakFreely Social Media

We’ve also been fighting back against incredibly disgusting double standards from Apple, who does not support free speech and expression. Apple has refused to approve Gab’s iOS app since December 2016 because Gab has “objectionable content,” whatever that means. Our battle with Apple has gone on for so long that it reached the very top of their executive team.

Gab is a social network with a mission to empower individuals with the tools they need to create and shape their own experience. We believe human beings are born of reason, a free mind, and of sound cognition. We refuse to infantilize our users and treat them as juveniles like other social networking sites do. We are committed to free speech and expression, period.

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