Gallup Reveals Government Power Chasm Between Dems and GOP

by Giacomo

One thing I’ve noticed in the past few elections is how far the two major political parties have been drifting apart. The differences between the two parties this year have grown from a small ravine to the Grand Canyon. The chasms are many and getting wider each day.

grand-canyon-az-160x90 Gallup Reveals Government Power Chasm Between Dems and GOP

One of the chasms that should be a matter of great importance is the role of God. The Democrats have completely rejected God and any biblical values from their party platform. The Republicans, even with a Mormon, still have tried their best keep God and many biblical values in their platform. Among these is traditional marriage versus same-sex marriage.

Another major chasm between the two parties is their view on energy. The Democrats want to shut down most coal mines and limit the production of oil and natural gas. They want to concentrate on environmentally friendly renewable energy supplies, even though they cost many times more than that derived from fossil fuel. The GOP wants to expand drilling for oil and natural gas in order to make America self-sufficient energy wise. Then they will explore alternative forms of energy, but not at the cost of billions of taxpayer dollars like the Dems.

How to create jobs is another major chasm that has formed. The Dems believe that they need to throw another trillion dollars to create jobs, not realizing that the other stimulus packages produced more jobs overseas than here in the U.S. The Dems also want to increase taxes on the wealthy expecting them to be able to pay more and still create more jobs. The GOP sees throwing money we don’t have into jobs is not the way to created jobs. They also understand that if you increase taxes on the wealthy, they will be less likely to create jobs as many of them are the business owners needed to create jobs. If they have to pay more in taxes, they will have less to invest in their companies, resulting in fewer jobs.

Other chasms include healthcare, business and financial worlds and foreign power. But in a recent Gallup Poll, another chasm has emerged and that is the one that deals with the size and power of the federal government.

When asked the question if they believe the federal government has too much power, 78% of Republicans said they do while only 28% of Democrats said they had too much power.

A second question was asked on whether the federal government was trying to do too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses. Eighty-two percent of Republicans said the federal government was doing too much and only 24% of Democrats replied the same. On the converse, 15% of Republicans said the federal government should do more while 67% of Democrats replied the same way.

In other words, Republicans see the federal government as being too big and trying to do too much. The Democrats want an even bigger government that will do even more for them.

Mitt Romney is taking more heat because of a statement he made at a fundraiser where he said that 47% of the U.S. population has become dependent on government handouts and entitlements. All his campaign needs to do is turn to this latest Gallup Poll to help prove his point and demonstrate another huge chasm between the two party platforms.

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