Gang Rape In Mumbai: Indian Women Need Personal Firearms


What happens in large gun free zones like, say, India? Lots of gang rape, among other things.

According to Wikipedia:

“The Arms Act of 1959 and the Arms Rules 1962 of India prohibits the sale, manufacture, possession, acquisition, import, export and transport of firearms and ammunition unless under a license and is a stringent process.

WomanGuns_small Gang Rape In Mumbai: Indian Women Need Personal Firearms



 The Arms Act classifies firearms into two categories: Prohibited Bore (PB) and Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB), where semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms fall under the Prohibited Bore category… The criteria which are considered during the issue of NPB firearm permits are whether the person faces threats; PB firearms criteria is more stringent, applicable for a person, especially having a government position who faces immediate danger or threats, family members of such people and a person whose occupation by nature involves open threats and danger.”

I don’t know if you have been ignoring the news from India lately, but I if you have been paying attention than you know that being a human female should count as an occupation that “by nature involves open threats and danger.”

The latest scandal, that was bad enough to stand out from the general culture of rape and make the news, was the gang rape of a 23-year-old journalist:

“As India continues to grapple with the fallout from a string of widely reported sex assaults, including a gang-rape in New Delhi, another horrific attack has occurred, this time in Mumbai. Police say a 23-year-old photojournalist was gang-raped while on the job by five men last night; one arrest has been made. The victim was hospitalized with internal and external injuries and is in stable condition, the BBC reports. A male colleague who was with her reportedly suffered a beating. Some 35 people have been detained in the case, and police have released sketches of the five alleged perpetrators. They say they have a ‘strong lead,’ CNN notes.”

One can pray that the many rape-loving males infesting India are converted by God’s spirit and repent of their wicked ways. The spirit of God has accomplished more difficult things. But humanly speaking the only way to address this issue institutionally is go make sure that most women in India have access to a portable firearm that they can carry on their person at all times.

But what happens if they get her gun?

There is nothing they can do to her with a gun that they couldn’t do without one. Rapists in India have tended to leave their victims alive (unless they die later). They have shown no interest in finishing them off once they were done with them. So that doesn’t matter.

But if women have guns, won’t men have guns too.

Sure, but you can’t expect to be able to rape someone who is shooting at you. You can shoot back, but that makes your rape fantasy much less likely to come true?

What about these five guys? If they had guns they could still hold up the girl and her male protector with their two guns.

Two guns to five guns is less an imbalance than five guys to one man and one rape-able woman. In the no-gun scenario, the not one of the five rapists has any reason to fear the he might get killed. And the girl might decide she would rather take her chances than shoot, even if they do have guns pointed at her. The bottom line is that guns always even out the odds and provide the possibility to the assailant that he might die.

But criminals aren’t rational.

When was the last time you saw someone try to hold up a convenience store with a banana or hold a sponge to a girl’s throat to threaten her? Criminals act to achieve goals just like anyone else. Make those goals riskier and harder to achieve and you will change behavior.

What’s more, women, instead of being helpless victims, will all be seen as potential killers. That will, over time, change how all Indians, male or female, view women.