General Calls for œSelect Committee Investigation on Benghazi

 A respected retired General is demanding a special “select committee” to investigate the Benghazi terror attack and fully uncover the truth of what happened.

There is already massive support for a special investigation, especially now in light of recent news that the CIA never even conducted an investigation themselves, instead relying on the State Department’s half-hearted probe.

There are no doubts that the Obama administration is covering up Benghazi, as the White House has refused to release key documents pertaining to the attack.  Even the liberal New York Times admits there is a coverup of Benghazi.

Now Retired US Army Major General Paul E. Vallely is demanding an “industrial strength congressional” select committee to investigate the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

hillaryirate_small General Calls for œSelect Committee Investigation on Benghazi

WND reports:

Accusing Congress of being “full of cowards,” retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely has called for an “industrial strength congressional” select committee to investigate events surrounding the Sep. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

“The sobering reality now is,” Vallely said, “rather than praising the 31 survivors for their bravery, the Obama administration has muzzled them through extraordinary harassing measures, including nondisclosure agreements and repeated polygraphs vis-à-vis the Benghazi attacks.”

Last year, both Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Frank Wolf introduced legislation calling for select committee investigations and offering a reward for the capture of the terrorists, but the bills have not advanced in either house.

“Of course, this raises the question,” Vallely said, “Why is Congress full of such cowards? Both bills should have had the requisite sponsors within days.”

Vallely also questions why Speaker of the House John Boehner hasn’t moved on the bill.

Asked by WND why Boehner would refuse to convene a House select committee, the general said he didn’t know, adding that Boehner is being “complicit with the (Obama) administration in the cover up.”

“We do not know why yet,” Vallely said. “And it may not be the case,” referring to alleged Boehner complicity with the administration in failing to form such a select committee, “but there is something fishy going on. Our commission is still investigating.”

Vallely accuses the Obama administration of being behind the coverup, and a select committee investigation could reveal what the “White House fears”.

“Let’s be clear,” Vallely said. “Terrorists ejected America from Libya that day (Sep. 11, 2012), ushering in anarchic rule that persists to this day – the same America that gave Libya $1 billion in military assistance during the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ to liberate its people from strongman Moammar Gadhafi.

“Nearly a year later, just after Labor Day as President (Barack) Obama was bracing himself for the presidential contest that would determine whether he would retain power, this enormous catastrophe occurred in Benghazi.

“That the administration sought initially to obfuscate with the patently false video story shows it takes Americans for fools,” Vallely said. “But then, we were fools.”

General Vallely also spoke about the talking points on the Benghazi attack that were changed, and then US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice appearing on numerous morning shows “where she spewed total nonsense”.  He points out that CIA counterterrorism Chief Michael J. Morrell admitted the talking points were changed by himself and a group of White House Deputies.

“This group took out words such as ‘terrorist attack’ and ‘al-Qaida’ and scrubbed all references to the CIA’s documented earlier warnings about the deteriorating security situation in Benghazi,” Vallely said.

The General said that Obama has twice refused to answer questions regarding whether help was denied to the Ambassador and others on the ground.

“Why won’t [Obama] answer this question?” Vallely asked. “More than 17 months later, it’s clear he’s hiding something.”

“This is America, where we have a system of checks and balances,” Vallely said. “When the cover-up is big enough, an industrial strength congressional response is needed, namely a select committee such as the one employed to get answers to the Watergate scandal.”

It is way past time for a special select committee to be formed to investigate Benghazi.  The fact that the White House and Congressional leadership refuse to pursue the matter can only mean they don’t care or are hiding something.

The families of the victims deserve to know the truth, and the American citizens demand answers to their questions.  The people need to put massive pressure on their Senators and Representatives until they finally form a select committee.