George Foreman on Trump: ‘You Just Have to Fight’

Two-time world heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman sounded off on President Trump, saying he has to keep fighting in order to continue his “winning” streak.

Foreman compared Trump’s battles with the many opposition groups and leaders to the numerous boxing matches he participated in over the years.

“When you’re in something like this, you just have to fight,” he said.

georgeforman_small George Foreman on Trump: 'You Just Have to Fight' Patriotism

He advised Trump not to listen to his detractors and stay on message, saying that while “in the ring” he would not listen to the “boos” from the crowd until he was home watching the match on tape.

“Sometimes people win because they’re winners,” he said.

Regarding a moment in a White House meeting when the Rev. Darrell Scott told Trump that Chicago gang leaders reached out to him in hopes of communicating with the president to improve the city, Foreman said he hopes that the commander-in-chief effectively drops a “mountain of social workers” there to help quell the violence.

“Make [Chicago] a good place again,” he said.

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