George Forman’s Advice to President Trump: “You Must Step Forward and Fight!”

Justin Holcomb,

The two-time world heavyweight champion George Foreman gave president Donald Trump some advice on how to deal with an opponent Saturday when he was interviewed by Fox news. 

Arguably the hardest hitting boxer in history, Forman paralleled President Trump’s adversity to his own career.

“In something like this, you just have to fight.  You can’t even worry about the audience,” he said.  “When you’re in the ring you don’t listen to anything, you must step forward and fight.  Fight!” 

fight_small George Forman's Advice to President Trump: "You Must Step Forward and Fight!" News

He went on to describe the differences between winners and losers in life.

“Sometimes people win because they’re winners,” he said.

“Some people lose because they never thought they really would win.”