Gestapo to Disarm Legal Gun Owners with Nighttime No-Knock SWAT Raids


 Hundreds of thousands, probably millions of Americans have said that they will not willingly give up their guns.  They vow to protect their Second Amendment rights to bear arms.  If necessary, patriotic Americans have promised that there will be a bloodbath before they relinquish their guns.

Our socialist president has tried to pass restrictive gun control laws, but his efforts have been thwarted by Republicans and even some Democrats.  Obama and other liberals have pushed hard for universal gun registration that would include every gun in existence in the US.  Hitler did the same thing just before his Gestapo and other forces systematically confiscated most of the firearms owned by German citizens.

So what does a socialist tyrant do when he can’t obtain a list of who owns what guns?  He turns to liberal judges and law enforcement to do his dirty work for him in the form of no-knock SWAT raids.

policeraids-Copy Gestapo to Disarm Legal Gun Owners with Nighttime No-Knock SWAT Raids

Last summer I reported on such a raid that happened to John Gerald Quinn of Texas.  The police had obtained information that suggested that Quinn’s son was involved with illegal drugs.  They followed the law in obtaining a search warrant for Quinn’s home.  When the SWAT team arrived, they did not knock on the door or announce their presence when they forcibly burst through the door to conduct their search.  Against normal police protocol, they executed a no-knock raid on the home.
The reason police gave for the no-knock raid was that they suspected that there might have been an AK-47 in the house.  Quinn believes that the police violated his Fourth Amendment rights by executing the no-knock raid based solely on suspicion that there was a gun in the house.

If law enforcement suspects that you or someone in your house may have committed a crime and if they suspect that there might be a firearm in the house, they are carrying out no-knock raids, generally in the middle of night when you are asleep.  If you react like I probably would and think that someone is breaking into your house and you reach for a gun to defend yourself, you will be shot.  And if they find any firearms or ammunition in the house during the raid, they will be confiscated and your chances of ever getting them back are next to none.

Back in 2008, Tracey Ingle was shot over nine times with bean bag rounds at close range when law enforcement carried out a midnight no-knock raid on his house.  Without any announcement, they burst through the front door and bedroom and entered through the bedroom window.  When Ingle reached for a gun, that turned out to be a non-working gun, they opened fire him.  He was hit in the chest, calf, arm and hip.  He suffered a shattered leg bone.  Only then did the SWAT team discover that he was Tracey and not Michael.  They raided the wrong home and violated Ingle’s 2nd Amendment right to self-defense, his 4th Amendment right of private property and his right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty which involved his 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights.

If you think no-knock raids are rare, Cato Institute place the number at 40,000 a year back in 2006 and they have steadily increased in frequency.  Every year, thousands of law abiding Americans are having their constitutional rights violated and weapons confiscated by SWAT teams executing no-knock raids.  All they need is the suspicion of a crime and suspicion of a weapon and you too may be the host of a violent nighttime raid.  This all sounds eerily similar to Nazi Germany in the 1930s and early 1940s.  Back then they were called Gestapo or SS.  Today we call them SWAT.