Gingrich: Abolish ‘Corrupt’ And ‘Dishonest’ CBO

Robert Kraychik,

Newt Gingrich described the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) as “corrupt,” “dishonest” and worthy of abolition following the CBO’s publication of its predictive report on the the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA).

Speaking with Fox News Channel’s Martha MacCallum, Gingrich said, “They should abolish the Congressional Budget Office. It is corrupt, it is dishonest, it was totally wrong on Obamacare by huge, huge margins. I don’t trust a single word they have published and I don’t believe them.”

“This is a black box. They lie,” said Gingrich of the CBO’s report, claiming that he “fought the Congressional Budget Office every time” he sought to pass a budget in his former role as Speaker of the House.

newt_gingrich_small Gingrich: Abolish 'Corrupt' And 'Dishonest' CBO Headlines

Gingrich said the CBO’s analysis of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was done with the direction of the bill’s architect

(presumably Jonathan Gruber):

“When Obamacare came out, [the CBO] used the architect of Obamacare as their advisor on how to score Obamacare, and their scoring [was] totally dishonest [and] disgusting wrong … that whole thing should be abolished.”

Gingrich called on Republicans to mobilize for the ABO’s abolition, and for its role to be replaced by competing professional firms.

Watch Gingrich’s comments below.


  • SoSueMi

    Newt, did you feel the same way when the CBO came out with its report about obamacare? Or are you just another RINO who is PO’d that the CBO isn’t singing the praises of this crappy obamacare-lite plan Ryan is trying to sell the country on?