Google News to Promote Left-Wing “Fact Check” Attacks on Conservatives

Daniel Greenfield,

Google News has been steadily getting worse over the years. What was once an interesting overview has become a heap of trending and viral garbage. Its promoted political content is heavily left-wing and often quite ugly. Just to drive the bias home a little harder, it’s going to be promoting left-wing “fact check” attacks with a special label.

You can see the argument for such a feature. The only problem is that media fact checking is heavily biased. It’s largely one-sided and jts level of acceptance is partisan. By promoting political attacks from Fact Check or Snopes, Google is taking a partisan position while pretending not to. 

fact-check_small Google News to Promote Left-Wing "Fact Check" Attacks on Conservatives Media Bias

This is unfortunate and it’s no coincidence that this comes with Obama’s urging to “curate” news. 

Google has a sizable index, but it’s going to have its cake and eat it too by “curating” it to promote left-wing points of view.