GOP-led House votes 51st time to unravel Obamacare

 The Republican-controlled House has voted for the 51st time in 26 months to neuter the nation’s health care law.

The vote was 238-181 with nearly all Democrats opposed. Now the bill goes to the Senate, where it’s expected to die.

The measure would overhaul the system for paying doctors and others who treat Medicare patients. At the same time, it delays the penalty for failing to purchase coverage under the law.

The combination prompted opposition by the American Medical Association. That’s despite the group’s advocacy for changes in the Medicare payment system.

The vote is the first attacking the president’s health care law since Republicans won an election for a House seat this week in a campaign that featured health care as an issue.

obamacarei GOP-led House votes 51st time to unravel Obamacare

Boehner questions Senate unemployment deal

House Speaker John Boehner is questioning the feasibility of a bipartisan Senate deal to renew expired benefits for the long-term unemployed.

It’s a remark that seems to suggest the agreement could be in trouble in the House.

Asked Friday by The Associated Press what he thought of the Senate agreement, the Ohio Republican said it can’t be implemented.

Boehner did not describe what the problem was. An aide did not immediately provide further explanation.

Bipartisan senators said Thursday they’d reached a roughly $10 billion compromise to extend emergency jobless benefits that ended Dec. 28. The deal would renew that coverage retroactive to their expiration for five months, meaning benefits would run through May.

Approval seems likely in the Democratic-run Senate, perhaps in late March.