Gorsuch A ‘Textualist;’ Left Wants ‘Distortion Of Constitution’

Robert Kraychik,

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) expressed enthusiasm on Tuesday over President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to become an associate justice of the Supreme Court.

“I am absolutely ecstatic about this pick,” said Lee in an interview with Mark Levin. “We are very lucky to have this nomination… which is going to succeed.”

CONSTITUTION_small Gorsuch A 'Textualist;' Left Wants 'Distortion Of Constitution' Opinion

Lee described Gorsuch as a “textualist” and “originalist”.

Gorsuch would apply the law as it is written, said Lee, noting that the left opts for results-based jurisprudence. Lee predicted that Gorsuch would help the Supreme Court restore its proper role of implementing the Constitution:

“The American people have had it with a court that engages in policy experimentation, a court that has politicized itself to the point that it’s unsustainable They’re not gonna take it anymore, and we’re taking a big step today toward moving in the right direction. A direction in which the Supreme Court will once again be the expositor of the Constitution, based on what it says rather than based on what some social scientist at some liberal Ivy League university wants it to say.”

Democrats “want to use the court to engage in policy experimentation,” said Lee, which he described as a “distortion of the Constitution.”

Levin also expressed satisfaction with the nomination of Gorsuch.

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