Government has turned from a democratic republic, into a fascist socialist nightmare verging on tyranny

Piper Michael

I’ve had it…

I’ve had it, I’ve had enough. Through a “long chain of abuses”, I now recognize that my government has turned from a democratic republic, into a fascist socialist nightmare verging on tyranny. They tell me that I’m wrong because I don’t wish to pay a tax on my behavior, that I cannot allow my money to be used for the murder of the unborn and the free birth control of the hedonists. I see the future, and the future is now, I will have a choice between spending money on food, or health insurance?

soc_small Government has turned from a democratic republic, into a fascist socialist nightmare verging on tyranny

What kind of a choice is that? Who Benefits? The choice to ‘redistribute’ my wealth, into the hands of those who vote for a living, instead of those who work for a living. This is not a choice, this is the Tyranny of the Majority, this is coercion, this is blackmail, this is the end of the Republic and the fundamental transformation through the animal passion of COVETING, a sin. Furthermore, this is destruction of my America. I will not stand for it.  

Government, at least our government, runs on the principle of consent. We give our ‘consent’ to be administered righteously under a constitution defining what government can, and cannot do. Lately though, it appears that grand document, designed as a leash on government, has been completely slipped, and the once docile beast we had under our control, has been raging around the neighborhood, biting people. It has been conditioning in us with SWAT raids, shooting our dogs and unarmed old people, check point feeling up ‘our junk’, and a myriad of abuses too long for this piece. It has been taking our rights away, one by one over the few last years, even our property rights, until now, it demands ownership of our very bodies. This is not what I fought for, this is not what my daddy died for, this is not what I intend to leave to my grandchildren.

And make no mistake, that is what ObamaCare is, the cornerstone of socialist dogma. To outlaw anything it doesn’t like you doing with ‘their’ bodies. Once government pays for a thing, it owns that thing. Now that the democrats have destroyed 225 years of law in the Senate by the so called ‘nuclear option’, wiping out rules laid down by Thomas Jefferson, then that is it, the end, RIP Old Republic. To quote a famous movie “This is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause”.  For now, they get what they want, whatever they want, and there is not even the pretense of a republic anymore(that protects the rights of the MINORITY), because there is no rule of law to stop them. The long train of abuses, in history, follows this path to the inevitable rule by dictat, the rule of the strong men. And what do we see in the White House? A man who wants, nay, practically whines and demands, like a petulant child, to rule by decree. We do not have ‘rulers’ in this country, we used to have public servants, but no more.

By their arrogance, their attitude and their abolishing of long held traditions, including abolishing God from the public sphere, they have made their intentions clear. By this unholy act of ObamaCare, by their sending our jobs to China the Republicans are GUILTY. By their destroying what’s left of our economy, and now demanding the importation of slaves masked as immigrants, they will destroy what is left. By their imposing central controls and a myriad of rules, that are incomprehensible, they think they can hide behind complexity, and say that it wasn’t their fault… no, the evil capitalists wouldn’t go along with their program, that’s all. We agree not all capitalists are angels, and some are demons, but in main, we had free will to work for angels or demons. In the near future, when all doctors and businesses that are left, become wards of the state, we will only have the choice between demons.

In this government, our consent gives them our power. As we said, those who vote for a living now outweigh those who work for a living. And you’re about to get the screwing of your lives, because we have become Atlas Shrugged. I personally, am seeing a choice in my future, a choice between health insurance or food. But that’s ok, because they’ll then offer to make me a ward of the state by giving me food stamps. But, I don’t want food stamps, I want to be left alone. I don’t want charity, I want to be LEFT ALONE, to make my own way. This defines the moral struggle of our day, to be or not to be, a ward of the state.

And thus, in this current moral struggle of our times, I see the future of the children. A Godless and dark future of equal misery for all, for this is what the fascist-socialist promises. They don’t say it in those words though, no, they lie, and now they have been caught in the lies. Do you understand? Do you have eyes that see? Do you see the Beast standing in the corner awaiting his chance to be loosed? Now that the Senate has been nuked, and ‘they’ are calling for Obama to run for a third term, this is the end, that’s it, I quit, I withdraw my consent for an illegal mafia operation run from the bowels of Chicago. Go to hell Obama, you and all your Marxist minions, you have lost any legitimacy you had left. I withdraw my consent, and I’m asking you, the Patriots, to withdraw yours, but, these are just words without defining actions.

I believe it was John Adams who said (maybe I’m paraphrasing from memory), that; “You can conquer a nation by the sword, or by debt.”

So what do we think is going on here? The Cloward-Piven strategy? To spend America into bankruptcy, chaos and collapse, then, pronounce that they will ‘fix it’ by outlawing ‘evil capitalism’… isn’t that history and not speculation now? Do you feel the tide of history turning, as they denigrate Christianity and elevate Islam? Do you feel like an enemy of the state, simply because you believe in a philosophy that gave freedom wings? Do you understand, that Islam, and now, The Pope calling for massive and global redistribution of wealth, is the force of darkness that will turn us all into true enemies of the state? Do you not understand, that in a democratic republic, power is gathered from the consent of the governed, and that the Republic was the last defense of the minority against the majority?  Do you not see that the moral authority of the churches was lost, because faith without works is dead?

Because they allowed themselves to be separated from the real world by being bought off with tax breaks? They and their flocks, were divided by politics, and left to grumble and complain, and vote, in an increasingly hostile system. This ‘wall of separation’ was given power by propaganda, as an ‘American’ thing. But, was it? Or was it a ploy by the powerful to divide you and keep you from the one thing they fear more than anything else? (This is this way, because religious zealots, don’t understand the concept of ‘freedom’. They want to impose their self righteous form of it by legislation, this is the downside, but, I think we now understand, you cannot legislate morality. It leads to even worse consequences, like gang wars and turf bloodshed. Nuff said.) What they fear is the power of the Godly Patriots, and the Secular Patriots, united. Instead, what they have is sheep, with preachers calling for ‘submission to Godly authority’. Where is the Godly authority? It is no more, and thus I withdraw my consent.

“Withdrawing consent” is laudable, but just words when it comes right down to it. The question then becomes, ok, we agree, but… How? How exactly, do you ‘withdraw consent’ from a government, in a way that both gets noticed, gives MUCH PAIN, and has a detrimental effect on the bureaucrats? Something that will provoke them into showing their true colors? Something that will make them turn into monsters?

A tax strike… but not just a tax strike, a tax revolution. How do you do that?
First, sound the alarm and announce The Plan to everybody, then get a website(yes, necessary now days), and collect pledges before God, for those who agree to join such a thing. Joining must give pain to both parties, joining must be in the realm of; Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor. It must be an Oath before God, so that those willing, will BELIEVE, that those giving pledge, will back their pledge with action.

During the Vietnam war, they, burned their draft cards… they withdrew consent for an unrighteous war. I fought, stupidly, but I ‘consented’ to an illegal and ultimately unrighteous conflict. Now, I see the Beast, and knew, that in the eyes of God, what I did was not just, but I did my duty. In the eyes of America, when I came home, I was spit on and called ugly names… but, the Burners, those burnt their draft cards, defined a generation… and we have suffered for it since. Because The Burners are now in charge after they took over an corrupted the education system. Our children were left with a revisionist form of education, history, and dumbed down socialist nonsense, ripe for the picking… now they are getting ready for the harvest, and will turn them against us, brother against brother style. This is prophecy, and history speaking, this is the Trend you now see. The turning of black against white, democrat against tea party, and the demand for a socialist America. Well, not to be crude, but F* them.

I say we turn the tables on them, and burn our 1040′s EN MASSE. But we do it right. Pick a day, give months to organize, sign people up with, give feedback numbers of pledges for locations we choose ourselves, so that we will know WE ARE NOT ALONE. Do not make people fill in their names, just fake internet names are fine, because their oath is to their God, and OPSEC should be paramount. BUT, we all promise to SHOW UP at The Burnings. I pick April 14th or thereabouts, just because its the right time. If this is framed as the biggest anti ObamaCare ‘protest rally’ ever, then, we’ll see if we get anything but the 3%…

We also promise, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, in DEFENSE of Liberty, and those who are targeted for arrest or conviction. Let them, the IRS, know, we will hunt them to their homes, and burn them as well. For every patriot they prosecute, ten IRS agents will go down in flames. Give them a offer they cannot refuse. Make it explicit in the event, The Burning. This is also why there should be no visible leaders, except for those of us who accept, that we may be the first to go down. I accept that I’ll be targeted, because I raised my head up above the crowd in absolute defiance of the Beast. I swear before God, that I will not go down alone. It will be a death so sweet, knowing that I defied them, that I declared; Give me Liberty, or give me Death.

God gives blessing to those who enact justice. For justice is His desire. Where is justice in this fundamental transformation? Let the media howl in protest, and the politicians scream, and the bureaucrats squirm, for protest, scream and squirm they will, you can be assured of it.

It will also potentially cause something else… the utter collapse of confidence over seas, the dollar may fall, because, you, your taxes, stand behind the dollar. Be aware this could be the fight of your lives. Stand with your brothers in arms, to fend off the SWAT attacks, attack the prisons if provoked, hide from the drones using thermal blankets, there are ways of fighting a beast. If they turn into monsters, then they are the ones starting it, not us, for we have merely done what free men do, withdraw consent when our grievances are unheard, ignored, spat upon, and decried as evil terrorists. George Washington was terrorist, at least in the eyes of the British, so I will be standing in good company, and I think he would approve.

AS was once famously said; It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. It is God’s liberty, and justice, you fight for. We must understand that, if nothing else. Again, to those who think they are righteous by the ‘separation’ of church and state, understand this… It is a trick of government, of tax breaks given to preachers to remain silent about partisan politics. This destroys the Righteous, because they become divided by party instead of conscience. Remember who the British were more afraid of than George Washington’s pathetic little army? That’s right, it was called; The Black Robe Regiment. The preachers who stirred the people to God’s Liberty and JUSTICE under arms. Where is our Black Robe regiment today? It was co-opted for thirty pieces of tax free silver…

Shame on you preachers, remember what it takes for evil to thrive?  Good men doing nothing.

God bless,
Piper Michael