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Andy Schlafly: Sessions Warns and liberal mayors defend Sanctuary Cities

Andy Schlafly, Editor’s Note: Column co-written by John Schlafly The sanctuary city movement, which gained momentum and arrogance during the eight years of the Obama administration, has finally met its match. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Monday that cities, counties and states will soon lose billions of dollars of federal assistance if they refuse to

Ditch Obamacare, and Don’t Stop There #DrainTheSwamp

Jeff Jacoby, TO HEAR the liberal denunciations of the proposed American Health Care Act — House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan to replace Obamacare — you would think the GOP had set out to wreck a brilliant and much-loved social reform that Americans couldn’t imagine living without. Democratic leaders in Congress have slammed the Republican legislation

Secret Service: Second fence scaling attempt stopped, Time for agency to ‘clean house’

Kathryn Blackhurst, Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino doubled down on his claim that President Donald Trump “is not safe in the White House” after new details surfaced Friday concerning the March 10 White House breach and reports indicated another intruder attempted to breach the White House perimeter Saturday. The president was on the premises when