Guess What Obama Is Up To In Midst Of Obamacare Rollout Disaster?


Why are we not surprised?

Obama’s fundraising trip starts Friday October 25  in New York with events for House Democrats and DNC. Once he is done with New York Obama will be heading to Boston for another House Democratic fundraiser on Oct. 30, and that’s not all! Early in November Obama will fly to Miami and Philadelphia to fundraise for Senate Democrats.

Barack-Obama_small Guess What Obama Is Up To In Midst Of Obamacare Rollout Disaster?

It doesn’t end there!

Obama will then continue on to San Francisco & Seattle to raise money for the DCCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee). In late November, Obama will attend an event in Los Angeles for both the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee & DCCC. The President will then travel to Dallas, where a fundraising event was postponed due to the government shutdown.

If you think it ends here, you’re wrong!

Sources tell The Hill that the First lady Michelle Obama will also be fundraising at upcoming committee events, including a DNC event in Washington.



You Won’t Believe Who The Teachers Union Are Defending Now?

Remember the old legend that the teachers union will do what is best for our kids. For anyone who still believes this nonsense here is a shocking story.

A bipartisan bill that would stop convicted sex offenders from working in schools has been passed by the House but is running into a foe as it heads to the Senate: major teachers’ unions like the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

Kyle Olson, with the Education Action Group Foundation told Megyn Kelly Wednesday night on “The Kelly File” that the unions’ objection to the bill proves “unions are out to protect the adults…they are not out for the interests of the children.”

Union-Workers-Strike_small Guess What Obama Is Up To In Midst Of Obamacare Rollout Disaster?

“We should have zero tolerance for issues like this,” Olson said. “We have zero tolerance policies for weapons, a kid who bites a Pop Tart into a gun or has a Hello Kitty bubble-maker will be suspended or expelled if they have those sorts of things…”

The measure would require school systems to check state and federal criminal records for employees with unsupervised access to elementary and secondary school students, and for people seeking those jobs. Workers refusing to submit to the checks would not be allowed to have school positions.

In letters to lawmakers, the unions have claimed the measure might jeopardize workers’ protections under union contracts.

Additionally, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., has spoken out against the bill, saying it does not allow for people to overcome their criminal backgrounds.

Olson said that the bill is not attempting to stop sex offenders from working altogether, but “they shouldn’t be in a school.”

“They shouldn’t have direct access to children,” Olson said. “Again, I think that is a no-brainer.”