Gun Ownership is Exploding Among Women in America

Much to the dismay of the leftist media and anti-gun groups like the Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action for Gunsense, gun ownership among women is rising at a fast rate.

The media and anti-gun crowd will often use blatantly sexist rhetoric and assumptions to suggest that women shouldn’t own or aren’t capable of handling guns.  But the reality is that real independent women own guns and know how to use them to defend themselves.

There are actually numerous women who are intelligent and determined to exercise their inherent right to defend themselves using a firearm if necessary.  Such examples of fierce women defenders of the Second Amendment include Sarah Palin, who knows a thing or two about guns and tyranny, Governor Nikki Haley, who wants to bring Constitutional carry to South Carolina, not to mention women journalists like Emily Miller and Katie Pavlich that write about and expose the evils and hypocrisy of gun control.

infringement_prevention-ordinance_2nd_amendment_small Gun Ownership is Exploding Among Women in America

A recent report out of Florida shows that more and more women are getting their concealed carry permits, which means even more women are buying guns than ever before.  According to Breitbart, of the 1.2 million concealed carry permit holders in Florida:

women “composed 15 percent” of  concealed carry permit holders in Florida in 2004. Today they compose “23 percent…of those license holders.”

“Basics: Gun and Range” opened three and a half months ago. Already, owner Franklin Dickinson estimates that 50 percent of his patrons are women. He holds a “Ladies Night on Thursdays [which] is extremely popular.”

A patron of Basics: Gun and Range named Shelly Levan said:

I think nowadays with the way, unfortunately, the way our world is turning, I think women need to be able to take care of themselves….They need to be able to defend their home and be able to defend themselves if they go out. It’s just a safety issue.

This is great news, and one can assume that the increase in women gun ownership rates is not exclusive to only Florida.  Women nationwide are buying guns and training with them, obtaining the required permits to carry where necessary, and taking an active role in preparing to defend themselves from criminals.

The gun is the great equalizer.  It allows the 100 pound women to face off against a 200 pound rapist and survive the encounter without being violated.  Anyone who claims that they are for women’s equality and women’s rights should be enthusiastic about the exploding rate of gun ownership among women, as it is a fundamental right of women to be on equal footing with men, which the ownership of a gun allows.