Hannity and Allen West: Bomb Iran Instead

Sean Hannity and Col. Allen West were in agreement last night that an isolated military strike on Syria is not the best course of action, fearing, among other outcomes, that the attack could spark an Iranian retaliation against our ally Israel. Hannity voiced his distrust of Iran and why he thinks a strike on the nation would be a better option.

Their ideology is – they are the modern day Nazis. They want a modern-day Holocaust. So if you agree with me that they are the proxy here, wouldn’t it make sense that if we really wanted to have an impact, rather than lob a few cruise missiles into Syria, which I don’t think would be very effective, based on days, not weeks, and no boots on the ground, why don’t we do what we should do and that’s take out Iran’s nuclear sites?

Col. Allen West shared Hannity’s concern about Iran, as well as his solution.

Iran is really the center, the nerve center and sometimes you have to go after the head and I think that if you want to do the right thing strategically, you maybe want to focus against Iran so that you don’t give them the initiative.”

Fox News contributor Juan Williams, however, disagreed with Hannity and West on the grounds that Iran “has not directly attacked us or our allies.” Williams may be right, but Iran’s support of anti-Western terrorism and its history of anti-Israel rhetoric raises more than a few red flags if the nation ever gains possession of nuclear weapons.

Hannity also criticized President Obama’s plan to strike Syria as ineffective, suggesting a few days old, no-boots-on-the-ground attack would not accomplish much.

“All this symbolic pinprick stuff is just silly to me.”