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An aging and Alzheimer’s tsunami is about to hit us. Here’s what needs to happen right now

Andrew Tisch, Despite the collapse of Republicans’ ObamaCare repeal effort, the health care issue isn’t going away. The current health care debate in Washington is fundamentally one over who pays. However, it won’t matter whether Medicare, Medicaid, private insurers or individuals pick up the tab, if the most urgent challenge in health care is left

Newt Gingrich: Health reform, The road ahead

Newt Gingrich, Friday’s decision to pull the House Republican health reform bill was not the end of health reform. In fact, it may have been the best step toward actually achieving real health care reform — if congressional leaders learn from the experience. The Republican congressional leadership erred because they decided to repeal and replace

SAD McCain: Rand Paul Is ‘Working for Vladimir Putin’ #JohnMcCain Get Help!

Ian Hanchett, HIT THE ROAD JACK! Time to Get Some Help! John McCain embarrassing himself. During a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) stated that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is “achieving the objectives of” and “working for” Vladimir Putin after Paul objected to a unanimous consent motion to advance a

CBO Claims GOP Health Bill Will Boost Unwanted Pregnancies

Brendan Kirby, Pro-life advocates blast report suggesting Planned Parenthood cuts mean less access to birth control. The forecasters at the Congressional Budget Office evidently believe that Planned Parenthood is the only way some women can get birth control. The forecast on the House GOP health care reform bill that envisions a 10-year increase [1] of 24 million

GOP-sponsored bill may help companies obtain your genetic information

House Democrats and a number of privacy advocacy groups came out against a House GOP-sponsored bill that would reportedly make it easier for employers to gain access to genetic information about their employees and their families. The New York Times reported Friday that the bill– called the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act–  may also significantly