Heed God’s Doings! Not Satan’s! An ‘End Times’ Message for Our Time

sunrise-over-earth-wallpapers-androlib-com Heed God’s Doings! Not Satan’s! An ‘End Times’ Message for Our Time

The following s meant for Christians, those believing God has communicated consistently to man in the Bible, to draw attention to Jesus Christ, thus true life with Him and how to live it. Others are invited to read, as well, though it is not presented in Christianity 101 fashion.

Please do wade through my introductory words, or just skip over them, and get to Phyllis Ford’s Word of the Lord, for July. It was first disseminated in email and Facebook  I think on July 1st. However, interestingly enough, technical issues caused her to delay putting it on the site of Carpenter’s Touch, until the 4th, the day we celebrate the birth of the United States of America. CarpentersTouch.org reflects the ministry Phyllis shares with her husband,  husband and pastor, Miles Ford.

I not infrequently run into Christians who are tempted into Last Days Malaise and its symptoms of fatalism, passivity, and even a kind of depression, just when we should be highly motivated and productive for the Great Commission (and its very present Christ, God with Us, by Word and Spirit, Lord of the Harvest, Husband of the Bride). It is easy to become distracted and hindered in discernment, when we hear fellow Christians focusing upon the certain Biblical prophecies as if they have a personal investment in their being for this time.

To make matters worse, some purported Christians are making their profession the spreading of messages of doom and gloom, filled with unsubstantiated  speculations focused on apparent works of Satan, allegedly prophesied in the Bible, concerning the end of the age. And they allege, or take pains to imply, these prophecies are about our current day – or tomorrow – or the day after – or something. They get to be like Typhoid Mary, spreading a disease that seems to paralyze and with malaise, taint its communicable victims. But God’s authentic messages cleanse and heal us! they build us up in the truth! They do not make us sick!

We must be careful about paying attention to that which tends to make us sick. Humans are spiritual beings and we are created to worship. That to which we affix out attention and take to heart may begin to communicate with us and we may become like it. So, whom should we surpassingly regard and how does that person call us to be? With whom should we be absorbed, even overwhelmed, if you will?

Bride_and_groom_cropped-sm Heed God’s Doings! Not Satan’s! An ‘End Times’ Message for Our Time  Hint: it has been “the last days