Help Sen Rand Paul Challenge the Legality of Government Spying on Civilians


Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservatives applying for tax exempt status, IRS auditing GOP supporters, IRS seizing 60 million medical records, EPA targeting conservatives, Justice Department seizing records of reporters and now the NAS and FBI spying on millions of American citizens.

conservatives_small Help Sen Rand Paul Challenge the Legality of Government Spying on Civilians

In the past week, we’ve learned that our own government has gained access to every US customer of Verizon and they are trolling billions of phone records and internet activity.  When asked if it was legal, the same government said yes, it’s legal.  It’s the same thing as asking a pedophile if it’s legal to molest children and they tell you yes.

But that’s not setting with one US Senator.  Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on Fox News Sunday and told host Chris Wallace:

“My suspicion is, and a lot of this is classified — the other side gets to promote their case and we don’t get the information — but my suspicion is that this gentleman was targeted because they suspected him for being a terrorist.  I have no problem if you have probable cause and you target people who are terrorist and people who they are communicating with, and you get a warrant. But we’re talking about trolling through billions of phone records.”

“We’re not talking about going after a terrorist.  I’m all for that. Get a warrant, go after a terrorist or a murderer or a rapist. But don’t troll through a billion phone records every day. That is unconstitutional, it invades our privacy. And I’m going to be seeing, if I could challenge this at the Supreme Court level. I’m going to be asking all of the Internet providers and all of the phone companies and ask your customers to join me in a class-action lawsuit. If we get 10 million Americans saying we don’t want our phone records looked at, then somebody will wake up and say things will change in Washington.”

If you agree with Sen Rand Paul, let him know.  He wants to hear from at least 10 million Americans who also believe it is unconstitutional for the government to be spying through all of our phone records and emails.  You can contact Sen Paul at 202-224-4343 or via his official website.

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