Here are 10 Reasons Obama Should Just Resign – Versus Being Impeached!

By Chris Paiva,

 It is Time for Barry To Go. We The People Have Had Enough of His Lies and Corruption .. As well as His Need To Control Every Aspect of Our Lives. So Let all Get Together and Give Barry a Push if Needed VIA IMPEACHMENT!

Some of these are humorous others may offend some. I say TOO BAD if Your Offended, MR. Obama Has Offended America Since He First Took Office!

ImpeachObamanow_small Here are 10 Reasons Obama Should Just Resign - Versus Being Impeached!

Appearing in no Special Order.

1. He is Not Fit To Run a Toilet!

2. His Wife Has an Ass The Size Of an Old Buick and Yet Has The Gall To Tell People What To Eat!

3.The Scandals BENGHAZI, THE IRS, NSA His Own Birth Certificate Is A Fake, Voter Fraud, …ETC.

4. His Boyfriend From The D.O.J. ERICA HOLDER


6. His Foreign Policy Mess, He Has Destroyed us As A World Power And Made Enemies of Countries That Once Were are Allies.

7. He Is a Complete Racist and Race Baiter!

8. The Economy He Has Made Things Much Worse, The Whitehouse is Hiding The True Numbers Debt Increases, Tax Increases, and Job Losses.

9. He Also Started a War on Religion and The Real War on Women.

10. The War on Privacy, Freedom, Guns, The Constitution…ETC.

But Barack Obama’s EGO is Too Big To Let Him Resign and He Is a George SOROS Puppet So We Need To Take Action now!

Here is What We as a People Can All Come Together and Do Impeach Him Now!

Click This Link To Sign The Impeacment Petition

I Am Sure I Forgot Alot So Please Feel Free To Comment Below As I Will Add To This Article as Time Warrants.