Here are 4 reasons that America is turning into a police state


police-state Here are 4 reasons that America is turning into a police state  In the last few decades, and especially since 9/11, America has gradually but steadily turned into a soft police state. With bipartisan support, liberties that have taken decades, and even centuries to secure which are the hallmark of a free society have been eroded, chipped away, or outright nullified.

Here are four examples and dangerous trends that should alarm all Americans who value the Constitution, the restraints it places on the state, and the protection of civil liberties.
1. Teenager Questioned by FBI Over YouTube Video

Justin Hallman, a 16-year old boy, recently made a YouTube video for a project in his American Government class that featured clips suggesting that the Maine Republican caucus was fixed, footage of U.S. police terrorizing Americans, military drills taking place in American cities, and warnings about a general loss of civil liberties.

Although Hallman received an A+ and praise from his teacher for the video, two FBI agents knocked on the door of Hallman’s home and requested to speak with him. They asked him about his interests and hobbies, his support for Ron Paul, and even asked him if he was willing to spy on the hacker group Anonymous.

“They wanted me to be an informant, to possibly put my life in danger, to help them arrest and gain intel on Occupy protesters and hackers,