Herman Cain Reveals Shocking Truth About Black Voters and Trump

One of the less discussed aspects of presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign is the fact that she has had to rely heavily on the black vote in order to win the states that she has won thus far.

That’s because white voters, even those labeling themselves as Democrats, liberals and progressives, have largely written her off as dishonest and the epitome of corrupt cronyism, choosing instead to back the more ideologically pure socialist, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

It remains unclear if those white, Democrat-leaning voters will solidly back Hillary in the general election, meaning she would still have to depend on the black vote to beat her Republican rival in November, which could present her with a significant problem.

Former 2012 GOP candidate and conservative talk radio host Herman Cain appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Wednesday to dispel allegations that billionaire businessman and GOP front-runner Donald Trump is a “racial arsonist” running a segregated campaign aimed solely at white people.

Cain was asked if he thought Trump would be able to win over black voters in the general election, to which he replied, “Absolutely, yes, Donald can peel off some of the black voters and here’s why.”

cain_small Herman Cain Reveals Shocking Truth About Black Voters and Trump

“When it’s down to one-on-one — let’s assume for the moment, I know we’re not there yet, that it is Trump versus Clinton — if Trump starts to put his platform and his ideas that help everybody at the front of his speech, those are the sound bites that people will begin to hear,” Cain declared.

“The reason that there’s this so-called divide between the perception of black people and women and non-minorities is because that’s all they have been fed in terms of some of the spoon-fed sound bites,” he continued.

Cain went on to state that if Trump would stick to the main points of his platform, reforming the tax code, enforcing immigration laws, repealing Obamacare, and of course national security, he would show that he is a candidate who would work for everyone, not just a segregated portion of the population.

“I know Donald Trump. He’s not a racist, he’s not a bigot, and he is not running a segregated campaign,” Cain insisted.

Herman Cain made a valid point, one that should be considered by the Hillary campaign, as it poses a direct threat to the firewall of black voters she is counting on using to propel her to the White House, where she will no doubt abandon them, as virtually all other Democrats do once elected to office.

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