Heroin Alternative: Krokodil or How Russians Kill Russians

Krokodil is one of the worst drugs ever invented. It was invented in Russia.

Once you tried krokodil, you have put one leg into grave. And your death is going to be ugly and painful.

krokodil-drug1 Heroin Alternative: Krokodil or How Russians Kill Russians

Girl addicted to krokodil

The text below is translated from the blog post of Yevgenij Roizman – founder of the Fund “City without Drugs”. It was written before Russia finally banned over-the-counter sales of drugs containing codeine.

Krokodil – Russian national drug

Half of the quarantine patients are rotting. It’s summer and the stench is unbearable.

– What did you inject?
– Krokodil.

Half of them are like that. All are young.

“Krokodil” (desomorphine) is a terrible drug. And fast. It’s almost impossible to give it up. There is simply no time. Irreversible effects appear already during the first month.

People are freaking out. Their brains explode and the flesh is rotting.

consequences-of-krokodil Heroin Alternative: Krokodil or How Russians Kill Russians

The effect holds only for one hour, so they need to catch up all the time. When craving, you want it faster and the production becomes a fruit of collective work. Hence, the drug dens.

The drug den is a funnel which sucks you in deeper and deeper and deeper. For young people it is often the first drug… and the last.

“Krokodil” is the drug for the poor. It is available. Therefore, in the small towns of Russia suffering from unemployment it is the major drug.

All you need to make it, is sold in pharmacies. The employees are perfectly aware to whom they sell and why.

cooking-krokodil Heroin Alternative: Krokodil or How Russians Kill Russians

Moreover, some of them come early in the morning and prepare the sets of Sedalgine and Tetralgine, carefully packed together with needles, iodine, formic alcohol etc. At the same time, the owners of pharmacies, seeing that the shelves are emptied, hurry to buy more.

Now look at this trend – Russian kids turn into animals and rot to death in front of their mothers. Meanwhile, the pharmacist, another Russian woman and mother, too, is selling to some Russian guy a package of tablets, knowing that he will turn into animal and rot.

And there is no one to blame. These are neither Chechens, nor Tajiks, nor Gypsies. These are Russians killing Russians. Every day, all over the country. And the vast majority don’t do it for profit, but simply for the paycheck. This is ridiculous and wild. And mean.

The owners and employees of pharmacies sell to youngsters hundreds of packages of codeine-containing drugs, saying – “We don’t kill!”

That’s right. You don’t press the trigger. You just give them the bullets.